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My Tracker Gone Crazy!

Yesterday – day #2 for those that are counting went off without a hitch, minus the fact that I forgot my vitamins in the morning. Oh well life rolled on without them. Gym time was awesome! My running is ridiculously slow, but I’m trying to not focus on a 15 min mile – 15 min treadmill mile… I can’t wait to run on pavement. I was even scoping out the route by work to see how long before the snow might be gone and I can run outdoors. With all this rain and early winter breakup going on it might be sooner rather than later 🙌!

Last night ended up being a long night because my son had a late basketball practice. By the time I hit the front door I was STARVING!! Thank goodness my well trained hubby had dinner ready. We had a change in dinner plans and when I changed it up on MyFitnessPal it said I was nowhere close to my goal. Odd! My stuffed stomach and pending bedtime didn’t give it much thought until this morning….

After changing what we ended up having for dinner.

Crossing over my meals from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Same meals different macros!!! Like I said had my stomach not been full and so late I may have tried to have a snack before bed to get a little closer to my daily goal. Glad my gut lead me in the right direction… which was bed because I was tired.

Case and point, I will have to watch this a little closer from now on!

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Cutting – Day 1

Today I started the cutting phase of Thinner Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews.

I have had his Shredded Chef on my kindle for a long while and got this to go with it a few months back. I’ve read bits a pieces – but over the weekend I really got into the meat and potatoes of it and decided I wanted to follow it. So today was cutting day UNO… and drumroll please… I have a headache! Ugh! Headaches make my willpower diminish, but so far I am holding strong.

What I’ve learned on day one is that I am a fasting workout person. While I was making my coffee at 4am I ate a bowl of yogurt with my homemade CocoNUT granola and headed for the gym at 5:30 drinking a pre-workout drink. By the time I got to work before 8am my stomach was having some serious GI distress and I was to drink my post workout shake. Tomorrow my plan is to workout in my usual “fasting state”. I also ordered a vitamin bundle from Michael Mathews supplements brand Legion Athletics – I’m excited to try them on top of the macro counting/workouts!

Here’s to day 2!

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Confession time…

Happy Saturday! 
I had one of those grocery shopping trips yesteeday where you buy hardly nothing, and spend a small fortune.
I guess this brings me to my confession:  I have been feeding my family (and myself) junk food for months! 
Oh geeze that feels good to get out…
I really have no excuse, I have been home to prepare things… but buying prepackaged chips, crackers, and granola bars was making lunches and after school snacks easier.  But it is not healthy and we have been the sickest we have ever been!  It seems we get over one thing and BAM! someone (generally a kiddo) has something new. 
Here is what I have been up too today to get us back on track:


Hemp protein muffins


Homemade granola bars- packed with nuts and fruit and honey instead of corn syrup!


Alphabet soup


Last but not least granola – it got a little toasty, but it is still tasty! 

I know cleaning up our eating will improve our health so even though I spent a small fortune, it will be worth it in the end.

Football games tomorrow!  Who are you rooting for to go to the Super Bowl? 

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Finally Getting Better!

Hello!  I hope everyone’s Tuesday went speedy.  I finally got all kiddos healthy enough to go back to school today so my day went by too fast.
Sickness has plagued our house for nearly 3 weeks.. and last Friday landed the one of the twins in the ER for a possible appendixitis.  Luckily all results came back negative and 2 bags of fluid later they let us go home.  I have vowed to get us healthy, as this is the worst we have had it in years! 
My new year goals have not been happening, which is disappointing. I have so far managed 3.5 miles this year 😦  but this week I will make my 10 mile goal. I know I can!
Random food I have eaten:





I did not eat that plate of eggs myself, I swear!  The mini mouse cupcaks were for my sisters birthday and my frosting is beyond addicting. 
Another awesome thing that came last week was my moon jogger goodies.



I am totally in love with this shirt and got many questions about it today.  The metal (my first of the year- for the year) is really awesome and heavy… if someone broke into my house I could use it to cause bodily harm if needed. 
Honestly though, If you run, you should really check into it is really worth the money to join!

’till next time!

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Some race recaps

Happy New Years everyone!  My plans were the usual – go to bed, wake up to fireworks, kiss the husband, go back to sleep.  But instead I was up about a half hour before midnight with full body aches… this whole winter break my boys have been kicking around a flu bug, and I guess I was not as immune as I thought.  Then as if the body aches were not enough, I just happened to look outside at the fireworks in time to see our female great pyrenees pup scale the fence and bolt like lightening.  Her dislike for fireworks got her a night sleep indoors – after we caught her.


So while I am not following my plans of running today, here are a few pictures from a couple of my last races. 


I had not ran in over a month and then ran this race. It by far was the best race of the year because it was my friends first and it was local so there were a lot of people I knew! 


B is my halloween junky and zombie lover, so when I signed us up for the zombie run we were all kind of shocked when he freaked!  I ran the entire course with him on my back!!  I got a lot of flack for this picture but seriously you have to know my kid and been there to see the humor that we got out of it. 


See, post race all is good! 


Raiding the candy bowl!

Hope everyone had a great night!  Bring one 2015!!

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ADIOS 2014

Anyone as excited about this year coming to a close as I am??? Next year is bringing some big changes in our family so as excited as I am; I am equally as anxious!

2014 in a nutshell:
After injuring my knee early summer, I have not gotten back into consistently working out. My knee is good and I have been able to run 4 miles without so much as a problem. I just need to buck up and focus, and that is my 2015 plan.
I ran 14 5k’s in 2014!!! It was tough to get those last few in, especially after the weather started changing. But I did it and that was my goal. I got some awesome metals, shirts, and ribbons to show for it too!20141231_162558
I attempted to go back to school this past fall quarter and even though it was all online and I got A’s in all classes, I am not going back. I give major props to all people who have a family, job and go to school. I clearly cannot.

2015 goals:
Run at least 10 miles a week
Run 15 5k’s in 2015
Run at least 1 10k
Make my goal weight of 145

Made it to 160 lbs in September!

Made it to 160 lbs in September!

The first thing is I must is to get a new spark tracker. I noticed immediately that my motivation began slipping back in May after I lost my tracker down the toilet. I have been waiting for the new wireless ones to come out, but I guess they got scratched as there is no mention of it on now. I am just going to have to buy the old tracker and kick myself a week later when the new one comes out! I am also planning on picking up on my blogging. It truly keeps me motivated, and something I enjoy. I need to learn more about websites so I can do more – so if anyone is tech savvy shoot me a line 😉

I have already signed up for Mission To Mars, which I am totally excited about. I got my cadet metal earlier this month and was in LOVE! I am debating about signing up for LLS again. I really want to run a race for them, and it is something I support with all my heart, but I still need to talk with the husband before jumping in.

I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be safe out there, talk to ya next year!
images (2)

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Let me fill in the blanks…

Summer is slowly (not slowly enough) coming to an end.  In just a few short weeks all my boys will be in school.  Insert very sad face here. With tear or two.  But it has been an eventful summer non the less.  But I haven’t been posting lately, so let me fill in some of that eventfullness for you!


I live in Okanogan County and if you haven’t heard we have had a pretty bad fire season this year.  A fire started last month and with the winds it blew out of control and took out the towns of Pateros & Brewster (which are about 6 miles apart).  These towns are about an hour away from us.  It was a horrible night, evacuation notices for a majority of the people didn’t come fast enough and 300+ homes were destroyed.  My husbands uncle lives in Brewster and he refused to evacuate, luckily he was on the right side of the road.  I was up texting him until 1 in the morning as he was informing me of what houses were on fire/what was going on.  Very sad and my heart breaks for those that lost so much.  If you want to see more on this fire google Carlton Complex fire.  Here are a few pics.


Very close to the road











Four days after that devastation, we ourselves were evacuated after a wildfire started above our house.  We were asked to leave because if the winds were to shift, it would have been at our house within 5 minutes.   immediately, my mother in law came up and took the boys (if you EVER have to evacuate and you have children, make this priority number uno), my amazing sister high-tailed it from work to our house to help us load stuff and I followed with more stuff and animals to her house.  Kevin stayed at the house to defend it if needed.   God Bless the fires crews!  They hit it fast and hard via ground and aerial crews.  It ended up beeing a little over 1000 acres of damage and one house lost.

our fire

from our driveway

My Knee:

I left off with a bummed knee, which I was all down in the dumps about… and continued to be until recently.  A few weeks back I jumped up and went for a run, I made it one mile and I nearly called my husband to come get me it hurt so bad; so I continued to do nothing and baby it.  I went to see my chiropractor and he is a big time marathon runner so I was telling him about my knee.  He tested it and said it felt good and tight and told me to get out and run on it.  As I left I got to thinking that I really have done NOTHING on it so I better start doing something.  I started walking (when it wasn’t choke you smokey), and gradually started running on it.  It is feeling much better now!  I was signed up for a 5k color run last weekend but opted out as just this week I have comfortably ran 2 miles.


This morning the twins and I did 2.5 miles.  run


I have been CRAVING squash pancakes so I was excited to finally have a summer squash in the garden!  I tossed in some paprika and man or man did that make it all smokey and delicious tasting!!  Yes, that is qt mason jar filled to the brim with a homemade ice coffee… that is how I roll on days that end in ‘Y’!


I put ketchup on my ketchup

Another fire that started this morning across the way.  PS our wildfire season just recently started :/

Have a Happy Thursday!!!


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What I ate on Monday

Good Morning!  Did you sleep well?  I did, and that is the first in 3 nights.  The man of the house is off to work for the rest of the week, so the kiddos and I are flying solo.  I am pretty jazzed this morning – not because my husband is gone, but in general.  The past few days have felt hopeless:  running is over, hike season is canned, etc, etc.  But this morning I see the light!!!!  I am going to stop the pity party, and work through this.  I know I said this all yesterday… but the pain was horrible yesterday, and all day long it felt like my knee cap was rattling which was putting me a pissed off-don’t talk to me mood. Kevin ensured me that the third day is the worst (we shall see) and that the rattling was the nerves healing (haha!).

I was planning on doing nothing but ab workouts all week, but I can do more!  Obviously am not going to be doing squats or lunges, but I can do a good upper body workout as well.  Okay as lame as it is, this revelation got me all jazzed this morning!

Lets move on to my food yesterday:


Blueberry, almond, spinach smoothy.




Salami sandwich with watermelon.


Pork tacos on paleo tortillas with yams and WAY too much homemade tartar sauce.



I got this recipe off of CarrotsnCakes.  She puts hers in the microwave, but I made mine on the stove.  The best decision I made all night was adding the whip topping and chocolate chips. I regret nothing.  All it is 2 TBS almond butter, handful blueberrys.  Warm up, and it taste like a cobbler!


We lucked out and only got the tail end of the promised storm yesterday.  It was dark and you could hear the thunder in the distance for 2 hours, but by the time it hit us, it was nothing but rain.


Now we have a heat advisory got the next 2 days…. blah!


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Weigh In Monday & Photo Dump

Happy Monday!  We have the threat of thunder & lightning today, and living in this tender box makes me a bit nervous of fires.
My weigh in this morning was 169 on the dot 😦  I have been pretty bummed about my knee and have done a fair job of consoling myself with food sweets.  But that # bummed me out more than my knee!  I know I going to be limited on working out, but I have got to keep my eating under control the next few weeks while my knee heals.
This week’s plan:
1.) Eat healthy & small portions
2.) Ab workouts EVERY DAY
3.) Small walks if my knee allows
I just need to keep my moral up that is all….

Photo Dump:


Sundays dinner: salami sandwich with yam fries


Sunday breakfast: paleo pancake & banana


Map to libby lake


Paleo raspberry bars = holy yummo!


Trail mix for the hike


Thursday dinner: tacos


Mexican Coke: soo good with way less ingredients than American...


Chicken salad with raspberries


Paleo pancakes with caveman syrup

Hope you have a good Monday!

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Failed Hike

This weekend we had planned on hiking into Libby Lake; which is one of the highest named alpine lakes in the Sawtooth Range.  We left Friday right after the boys finished swim lessons and were on the trail by 2pm.  It was hot, and the trail is an intense uphill climb. 
At around .77 of a mile, I was leading the crew (and I’m thankful it was me and not one of the kiddos) up a high steep edge; when the narrow trail crumbled under my left foot and with no time to react I fell.  I landed all my weight, including my 60 lb pack on my right knee!  The pain was insane and I was in a position that I couldn’t even get off of my leg until I removed my pack.
Because I didn’t want to ruin the weekend, I continued on… unfortunately at mile 2 the pain was so bad, I had to admit I wouldn’t be able to continue on and we had to turn around and head home.  Going down the steep stuff sucked and I cried the whole way.  I almost think going up hill hurt less, but I was so afraid I would get up there and not be able to hike out. 


Bummin' it!

So this weekend I ended up not doing much.  I’m hoping I didn’t damage anything, but I guess only time will tell.
Did you have a better weekend?