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My day started 30 minutes late.  After shutting off the 5 am alarm, I dozed back off.  But at 5:30 I jumped up, grabbed my jogging clothes, phone, water and was out the door… only to notice that my tummy was not too happy about the abrupt morning wake-up!  My mile jog, turned out to be a mile brisk walk.  1.12 miles in 18:02 min according to mapmyrun.  Not the best time, but on the way back my stomach felt better and I was amped to start some weights:

3 sets of squats with a 10 lbs weight

3 sets of lunges

3 sets side bends with a broom (rid me of those LOVE HANDLES PLEASE!!!!)

assortment of ab workouts

After that it was a quick shower and breakfast by 7am  –  1/2 c oatmeal with 1/2 packet of stivia sugar, cinnamon, and 1tsp coconut oil.


We have been waiting for 5-6 loads of rocks to be delivered but thanks to the rain we have been “playing it by ear” since Saturday.  Now Tuesday, he said he would be here bright and early.  I guess my “bright and early” is different from others, as it is 10AM!   I don’t like waiting when it can easily be avoided by a phone call, but you get what you get in a small town.



Author: knottyamber

My name is Amber. I am a chocoholic and can do a fantastic Cher impersonation.

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