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No Phone, No Camera, No Problem?

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As of right now the only form of communication I have is email.  Well that and AIM if I could get my friends and family to go that old school with me.

They suck & I am awesome!

Well my stupidphone wasn’t “smart” enough to play music and take an incoming call.  It died and very quick and painless death.

So I have no phone which is alright except I realize how much I love having Google Search at my fingertips.  I like to look up odd things that pop into my head.  Now I have to try to remember them all for when I sit down at the computer… which god knows is tough when you have dementia pregnancy brain ( I can still use that if I haven’t been pregnant in 3 years right!?!?)  Oh well I am using it.

Moving on…

I was super stoked because I took the camera on our backpacking trip; I was even more stoked because I REMEMBERED to take pictures on our backpacking trip.  I had some kick ass pictures of the mountains, the kiddos fishing, chopping down a hazardous tree, blah, blah, blah… but when we went to dismantle the boys’ tent, my husband found the camera itself dismantled and stashed in a sleeping bag.  Sneaky twins.  The camera turned on, but it wouldn’t read the memory card.

Fast forward to today.  My husband emailed (texting is overrated and email is how cool couples stay in touch) me and informed me that he took the camera into Office Depot.  Where they laughed at him and told him that our camera and memory card are so old that they don’t even make them anymore.

Time to update? Damn, we just bought that camera in 2006!!  I don’t know if the pictures from our trip are on our ancient memory card, but if they are, I will put it in our equally ancient printer and get them on the computer!!!

Well the thunder and lightning they promised is moving in rather quickly.  My spaztastic lab is frantically running around the house wanting me to let her in so she can attempt to cram her fat ass under the twins’ mini bunk beds.  Will do, because it makes me laugh… and because I luvs her 🙂

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My name is Amber. I am a chocoholic and can do a fantastic Cher impersonation.

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