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Last night’s chocolate binge!

Ok so sometimes my healthy life topped with chocolate can turn into a binge of chocolate.  But last night was BAD!  
Let’s rewind a sec here.  Saturday I had a migraine my second one in a week and a half.  Now after a migraine I want 2 things – Chinese food and chocolate! There isn’t a Chinese restaurant around here unless I want to boarder hop into Canada… So chocolate it is!  I have been on a good chocolate spree since Sunday but last night instead of dinner I ate –  pretzel m&ms that my brother in law got for me (while making dinner), a few chocolate chip cookies (instead of dinner), and plain m&ms (after dinner).  The cookies and plain m&ms are for a craft and manipulates for my prek class.  I think (hope, pray) my chocolate cravings are gone as last night I was chocolated out.  We all have to binge it all about admitting it and moving on! 

So I got up this morning and moved on-
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Does that sound right? Sounds right in my head…  So I have been so unmotivated and I’m not even going to step on the scale to see the damage, but I need a kick in the pants for motivation.  The night before last I stumbled across a marathon training sight.  It happen to have a 5k training program too so I stewed overnight in my head about training.  I am not a runner, it is not my favorite thing in the world, but damn it feels good when it is done!  Also, I suck at reaching my goals, so I thought instead of making my 8 wk training plan my goal to complete, making the 5k (which I will register and pay for) be more of the goal.  See my thought is if I pay for the 5K I will be more apt to train (Evil Laugh- MAHHAHA).  So I set up my own training program – busted out Word and made it all official with a printed sheet hooked to my fridge – see the motivation!  Yet I am so unmotivated to start…. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?!?!  It’s extremely frustrating when I feel this way.  I’m excited to get started, but the motivation slacks.  The 5K I chose is  The Zombie Run in Seattle August 17th – that is a ways away, and there is another one in June shortly after I finish my 8 wks training; I may sign up for that one but it is 7.5 hrs away from my house – I mapquested it 🙂  But it is by Mount St. Helens so that could be a fun educational stop for my 3 little monkeys!

Sadly while looking for 5k’s to sign up for, I bumped into the news about the Boston Marathon bombing.  How Heartbreaking ~My heart goes out to EVERYONE!  A big thank you to all the loving people and volunteers who stepped up and helped everyone in need!   Such a sad day for such a joyous occasion….