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Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

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             This weekend is turning out to be the best weekend this year by far, and after the week that we have had it is well deserved!!  First off, We lost our little kitten early this week and our other cat was attacked, leaving a huge hole in his side.  The culprit is probably an owl as we found a owl pellet out back. Thanks to some peroxide and penacillian shots he is well on the mend. The boys are super bummed that their kitten is gone, but living out here you have to expect it to happen. 


              So this weekend has been laid back working in the yard and garden….and getting laundry all caught up (of course).
This morning after working out – ab curcit, get to that in a minute.
I ate an hard boiled egg on a slice of wheat toast and my cookies & cream protein shake. 


Then took my vitamins and got busy in the garden.  My brother in law came up with tacos for lunch and all the fixings for carne asada for dinner (Cinco de Mayo style).



I seriously could not stay out of the avacado dip he made!!! The salsa is pretty kick ass too!  Good food, good company, the way it should be!!  I think a little later we are going to take a little hike around the property and then I plan on enjoying a Obsidian Stout for desert.  Chocolatey coffee beer? YES PLEASE!!!!

My ab curcit was simple yet effective.
3s12r – ab twist with a barbell with 22.5 lbs on top
3s12r – bicycle crunches
3s12r – crunch
3s12r – crunch w/ arms in ( works a different ab group)
3s10r – leg ups w/ 10 lb weight
3s12r – leg ups w/ buso ball
I am already feeling it especially from the leg ups….I don’t know what it is about adding the extra weight but DANG!!! 



Hope everyone has a happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!!

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My name is Amber. I am a chocoholic and can do a fantastic Cher impersonation.

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