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A New Motto Goes a Looong way!!

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The past few weeks I haven’t felt like I have been working out at all, but in actuality I have burning the calories UP!

We have been rock climbing on the weekends, (which is SO much fun & an item on my 2013 bucket list I can check off!) and spending a lot of days cooling off at the lake. My kiddos are learning to swim so I spend pretty much the whole time in the water treading or racing to different underwater landmarks. I have also been spending a lot of my time doing my new favorite activity: making electricity – but that will be another post emoticon

This all got me thinking. Weeks ago one of my 4 year olds and I went for an early morning jog – oh it was such a great jog. He made it a mile and we walked back hand in hand! I am not a natural jogger by any means so “good” jogs are seriously far and in between (maybe 1 out of 30 jogs). Later that week I went for a jog and it was a mess. I made it a 1/2 mile and turned around for home – struggling the whole way, and I have not been jogging since. Since then my workouts have been nothing but fun things incorporated into my day… leaving me with the new motto “If it feels like a workout- I’m not doing it!”

Jogging has always been a struggle for me, yet it is always the first thing I grasp too when I start a “new” workout regiment – knowing full well, I hate it, I’m not good at it, I get discouraged, and I quit working out because of it. So no more jogging!!!! It feels like a workout EVERY time I go out to do it…. and since I declared this as my new motto, I feel so much lighter and happier knowing I am not going to be torturing myself any longer!

Will I give it up forever? Who know! But for now – It feels like a workout so I’m not doing it!

Author: knottyamber

My name is Amber. I am a chocoholic and can do a fantastic Cher impersonation.

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