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Miracle Wart Cure!?! We shall See?

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Sully, the oldest of my twins was badly burnt by scalding hot coffee when he was 2 and a half; he is now 4. 


ImageIt healed up nicely and we skimmed having to have a skin graph!  

ImageThen last September I began noticing small dots on his forearm – odd flat looking warts.  Within months they spread clear up to the bicep!  I took him to the Dr. once and we decided not to burn them until he is a little older; being that the area has been damaged we could only imagine burning the warts may be extremely painful.  He actually complains that the warts themselves are painful but I think it is more because of the skin they sit on.  But still no one wants to hear they child complain of pain….


So yesterday I picked up some CitraSolv at the health food store here in town.  My friend had been using it to rid herself of a wart that had been burnt multiple times and still would not die.  Within no time her wart was completely gone!

Since my friend had such great results, Sully wanted to give it a try.  We have applied it twice and he hasn’t complained of any discomfort bonus it smells like oranges!  I will continue to take pictures of the process!  For $2.65 a bottle it is worth a try 🙂

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