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My Love-Hate Relationship With Wind

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The weather was crummy yesterday.  Very windy with a threat of rain.  I hate wind.  Good for making power, but not for working in a garden.  That’s a lie.  Wind power isn’t what it is cut out to be either. wind-energyMaybe if we had something like this, wind would be good for making power!  Think it is loud?  Can’t be any louder than our neighbors POS windmill that screams so loud I can hear it perfectly in my house at times. I only worked in the garden for an hour and a half yesterday and I’m still finding dirt in my ears from the wind. I threw down my rake and decided baking was in order! I’ve been dying to make some coconut butter.  I bought some from here & the man of the house ate it all in three days with nothing but a spoon.  I stumbled across a recipe to make your own and wanted to give it a try. IMAG2165 It was supper simple!  I ❤ simple things.  Coconut flakes and a food processor –  blend forever and a day (did I mention my power supply was low yesterday… EVEN with the wind.)  and you got creamy-ish coconut butter.  As good as Nikki’s?  Not by a long shot, but in a pinch it worked great. I then made this recipe from  Uh.. ya… I’m a little obsessed with her and her food because I even made one of her recipes for dinner!  The Man of The House LOVED the cookie bars!   He said it reminded him of something from when he was a kid & then ate it all in the middle of the night. Nice. IMAG2172 I’m going to try to adapt it into a cookie ice cream sandwich for the twin’s birthday next weekend. Yesterday’s Eats: Breakfast:  Paleo Granola with coconut milk.  I scarfed this down as I was running out the door to go pick up the boy’s invites from Wal-Mart. Lunch:  Turkey burger with guac and sprouts IMAG2163 Dinner:  Thia chicken stuffed Yams. Recipe here.. you won’t regret it.  As soon as I saw this I had to make it.  You stuff a yam with anything and my mouth starts to water!  And of course, it was another slam dunk with The Man of The House! IMAG2147 Snack:  Banana with almond butter   My workout: I got my weekly WOD on yesterday… and of course I’m feeling it today. I’m so glad I added them into my weekly routine! FOR TIME: 25- push ups 20- lunges (counting each leg) 30- sit-ups 20 – air squats 5- burpees 30 sec- plant hold 5- burpee 20- air squats 30- sit-ups 20- lunges 25- push ups It was intense and the kids kept interrupting.  My time: 2014-04-03_12-10-31 (1)   I even PRed my time from last fall!  WOO-HOO! The sun is shining today so I better get a jump on!

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