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Thursday Eats & Headbands

OH MY GOODNESS IT IS FRIDAY!!!!  I’m so excited for the weekend and I’m really not sure why?  School is almost out and by this time of they year I am done with school – dropping off, picking up, packing lunch, reading letters, and fighting Zion to do his spelling words!  So glad it is almost done.  I’m sure Z is too.

I tackled the garden yesterday and cleaned the weeds and finished planting things I had been putting off.  It rained, and the wind blew, but I was already misrable that it only seemed fitting.  Pulling weeds (or anything in the bent postion)  sucks when your ulcer is bleeding.  But I trucked through, and on this beautiful Friday morning I looked out my window and was thankful I did!

Yesterday’s Eats:



I went soft on my gut with toast with almond butter and bananas.  It didn’t really hold up with all the gardening so by lunch I was starving.



I was so hungry I didn’t even bother warming it up the leftover Thai Chicken with yams!



By dinner I was so exhausted that I just wanted FOOD!  Tacos. One with ground turkey, the other with leftover Thai Chicken.  I found a jar of homemade ketcup and I poured it on my taco.  My husband thinks I’m nuts for putting ketchup on my taco (and frowns that I started the boys on it),  but it taste good to me!  I don’t do it as often –  I have a grown up palate now 😉  but I needed the salt  last night!


Tonight kicks off our towns Founder’s Day Weekend and tomorrow morning is a 5k fun run the local Lion’s Club is putting on.  This morning I decided to go for a run just to see how my stomach would hold up.  My plan was 1 mile, see how I felt and go from there….  I made it a 1/2 mile turned around and headed for home. Nothing like running with what feels like a hot iron prod under your breast bone!   I don’t have high hopes for running the 5k tomorrow, but that is okay.  I will do my best!


Check out my new headband from Sweaty Bands… please don’t check out my sweaty forehead!  I have been hearing a lot of good things about these no slip headbands and snagged this one on Amazon.  LOVE IT!!!   This one is a little loud for me, I was thinking it would be good for the color runs I’m registered for this summer.  Check them out!


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The Weeds Won…

Happy Thursday!  It is a wet one here, but needed so I won’t complain!
I was starving yesterday after my trip to the grocery store, so I whipped leftover Chicken Jalapeno Pesto for lunch.  Within 20 minutes I started getting a pain in the center of my chest… Something I have been getting off and on since Saturday.  Now this isn’t a rush me to the hospital I’m having a heart attack, but more like intense indigestion.  I figured it was my spicy lunch and it would pass like it had before… But it got really worse before it even started to get better.  I had to laydown to combat an odd nausia, which ruined my plans of tackling the weeds that are overtaking my garden.  You win another day weeds! 
By 5 o’clock I was feeling better so I made dinner:


Thai Chicken Stuffed Yams! 
I went easy on my gut and added no spice.  I know corn isn’t paleo, but it doesn’t bother me so I eat it.
Again after eating I started to get the pain, and this time it wasn’t leaving! And this time I didn’t get to lay on the couch and watch House MD 😦  I had no choice but to barrel through the pain & discomfort because dishes needed done, lunches packed, and laundry folded.  Well, somewhere along the way I bent down to grab something off the floor and a warm matalic tasting slim crept up the back of my throat… I instantly knew what was going on and why!  I have been taking extra iron due to my anemia, AND I forgot this time last year taking liquid iron caused the same problem..  My ulcer to bleed!   
Seriously, how does one fight anemia when iron causes their ulcer to bleed!?!

Oh well, in the short 6 days I was taking extra iron my hair and eyebrows quit falling out as bad and my tiredness/brainfog has gotten better! 

The rain has quit & the sun is out!  I’m off to tackle the weeds! 

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Meal Planning Before Breakfast

Meal Planning is such a necessity in our house.  With 3 growing boys – 4 if you count the man of the house.  And I do.  It seems like food disappears faster than I can chop, prep, and store it.  Meal Planning also helps us keep our food budget in check – or what I call our food budget.  It is really nothing more than a number in my head that I attempt to ball park around when I plan a shopping trip.  The past 2 weeks maybe even 3 have not been well planned.  I can tell this by two things.  1. Looking at our banking I see frequent stops to the grocery stores with small purchases.  2. Too many nights of my husband asking what is for dinner and my response being: “I dunno! What do you want?” – which in turn results in a trip to a store for a small purchase.   UH!  Vicious cycle and I need to get us out of it ASAP.

I have been working on a complete June meal plan, but I still need to get through this next week….

Meal Plan for the rest of this week:

Wednesday: Thai chicken stuffed yams – via  ( My husband love this)

Thursday:  Tacos

Friday:  Southwest meatballs with creamy cilantro dipping sauce – via

Saturday:  Bacon japalpeno hamburgers w/ yam fries

Sunday:  Chicken-bacon broccoli salad

Man oh Man, does that take a load off my mind just having a plan of action!  I better get showered and off to the store.  Guess my weeds will have have to wait until this afternoon to die!  Oh what is a few more hours…

This mornings breakfast:


Yam hash with West Virginia Chili and a egg.  I will post the recipe for West Virginia Chili this week because everyone should try it!

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I Believe It’s Fate!

Did everyone have a fantastic Tuesday that felt like a Monday?!?   I worked for a couple of hours, ran some errands, went for a bike ride, and made chicken jalapeno pesto; all the while it felt like a Monday and I fought the urge to have another cup of coffee.

Lets talk about the good stuff.  Dinner.  Jalapeno Pesto! Man I cannot get enough of it!  I made it extra spice and the kids didn’t want to eat it but who cares?  I’m the mom and I said I wanted it SPICY!  No, actually they ate it pretty darn well for it being pretty darn spicy.


I sprinkled dry unsweetened coconut on top and that made it AWESOME as well!


Yesterday I was looking for some races for the month of June.  I am trying to do at 2-3 races a month, but I live so far out in the middle of nowhere and beyond, that I would have to travel every weekend to a race.  Problem Solved: virtual races to keep me motivated… since I found nothing good around here in the month of June to travel too.

BUT during my search, I did stumble across the greatest thing I have ever laid my eyes upon and I am pretty sure it is fate:


If you love running and you love chocolate, these races are for you!

Is that not the best logo EVER!?!?  Isn’t that the best race EVER!?!  They have 3 different races coming up in July, August, and November, and there is a good chance that I will sign up for all of them!  Check out the website if you are in Washington and want to cram chocolate in your face whilst running with a ridiculous smile with me.  Oh hey… I forgot to mention you get a CHOCOLATE MEDAL!!  Now that is some tasty BLING there!

Tomorrow I must get into the garden and show the weeds that I am boss…. or something like that.


When Paleo Doesn’t Pan Out

I spent yesterday slaving in the kitchen cooking lasagna.  It is so time consuming yet delicious! I made one non paleo for the men of the house, and a smaller paleo one for myself- Big enough to have leftovers.
Now, I have been cooking caveman style for a few months now, and I have not ran into anything that has been so bad I have nearly threw up…. Until I bit into my much anticipated lasagna!


The “cottage cheese or ricotta” filling is cashews that has been soaked until soft, pureed to a ricotta consistency w/ almond milk. I see this method used for many dishes that require cheese in paleo cooking.                                                *gag* gag * gag* 
I don’t know if I didn’t do something right but my goodness I could not wash that down! 
My husband had a fantastic time watching me dry heave after each of the 3 bites I took!  Needless to say the whole pan was dog food….
Desert was a hit:


Double ChocolatePaleo Brownies!  Taste! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic memorial day!  Thank you to all service men current & past!  I don’t know about your local cemetery, but ours places flags on all service men & woman’s headstones.  It is really beautiful to see and brings you back to the true meaning we enjoy this holiday weekend.  I didnt get to go home to see my dads headstone (vietnam vet), but I stopped by a local cemetery to pay my respects this afternoon! 


Back with some Virtual Races

I have been MIA the past few weeks.  I am sorry!  I have to admit, posting on this blog keeps me on track so I cannot let life take me off course, because I am not going to lie… I have been a bit off course!I have still been running.  In fact I did a 5K trail run yesterday, and I have a 5k next Saturday as well.  But my eating has been WAY WAY WAY off course and I am bound to get on track this week.

So to catch up on a few things.  Soccer is over!!!!  We survived.   My garden is not 😦  …maybe it is just in that ugly faze, but I swear the weeds are doing awesome!!  I have been playing sergeant mother to 3 baby kittens that were found at work.  They barely had their eyes open and near death and now they are starting to play and are doing great.  We got 20 turkeys and now we only have 11 😦  that was sad & a waste of money….  hmm… guess that gets you caught up in my world!

Yesterdays Race review:

I ran the Mazama 5K.  Mazama is a little town in the Methow Valley in Washington and people from all over the state & Canada came to participate.  It is gorgeous, with tons of places to hike, run, bike ride, and rock climb. Unfortunately, I felt like crap… just like all the stuff I have been shoving in my pie hole this last week.  I seriously even had a hard time enjoying myself I was in such misery.  You know that whole rule – never do anything new on race day?  Yeah, it is a rule for a reason!  A rule in which stubborn Amber learned the hard way.  I already felt like crap, and just before the start of the race I took a “Cliff Shot” that was offered at the start line – never having one before and was curious.  Not even 5 minutes into the run my stomach started burning like I had just took a shot of tequila.  I ran the first mile and a half no problem, just kind of questioning what was going down in my gut.  The mile and a half back I had to walk multiple times due to nausea and a horrific side ache – I haven’t had a side ache in MONTHS!  I pasted through the finish line at 41:18 according to their time.  Blah!  That is horrible.  I hit the truck for some water and was ready to leave ASAP. We stopped in Winthrop, a town a few miles away for breakfast.  The Mazama run offered an all you can eat pancake breakfast, but spending my entire race cursing myself for eating french bead the day before I was not about to go eat pancakes.  At about mile 2 I vowed/promised my stomach that I would get back to my paleo diet immediately!!!  All in all it was a good race, and I hope next year to run the 10K.  Train. Train. Train!


Boys after their 1k – in which Sully (R) cheated or took what he called “an awesome shortcut” passing most of the kids!


Coming in HOT! So nice having the kids at the finish line!! ❤

Other Races:

Midsummer Sun Kilomathon via No Heels Just Sneakers.  This is a virtual all month of June race.  You can sign up to do a 5k, 10k or 30k. I signed up to do a 30k.  The cost is $25.00 and you will receive AMAZING bling!

Another race I signed up for is Moon Joggers Voyage to Venus.  This is a year long logging of your running miles in hopes that everyones combined miles will reach the miles to Venus (maybe even back).  Also, each month they offer virtual races that come with BLING & STICKERS!  Added Bonus if you are signed up for the Voyage to Venus you get a 20% discount on virtual races 😉 This is a great motivator and their back story is pretty bitchin’!  Check out their site!

I also decided I really really really want to start training for Iron Girl 2015!  1/3 Mile Swim, 12 Mile Bike Ride, 3 Mile Run.  It will be tough but I like to pretend I’m tough.  I’m not really worried about the running(other than I need to boost up my speed), or the biking, but the swimming will be difficult.  There is no year long pools up here except for at one hotel.. and I doubt they would let me train there.  It just seems so fun & challenging!!!  Thoughts?

Anyway,  if you are into running/wanting to run check out the site above & get signed up!



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The time I lost something in a public toilet

Yesterday morning was my first real 5k!  I went down and stayed at my moms Friday night so I didn’t have to get up and drive 2 and a half hours Saturday morning.  I didn’t have high expectation for the race as I was pmsing (tmi) and I am horribly anemic so I am pretty much out of breath just walking during this time of the month.  But.. I did it!  AND I was the 7th person to finish (it was a small race and probably more walkers than joggers) and with stopping to draw playing cards I finished in 38 minutes!  I didn’t win the poker hand, but that was to be expected!


My awesome and might I add super comfortable shirt! 

After the race I met my mom for lunch at Applebee’s….And that is were I lost my Sparkpeople activity tracker down the toilet 😦 


I loved my tracker.  It linked to my account and tracked my daily steps and any cardio.  I generally wear it on my shoe, but after the race I tossed on my sandles and hooked the tracker to my hip… Big mistake!!  I don’t even have to go through the senerio, we both know how it panned out.

The tracker is awesome and is a huge contribution to all my weightloss since January, but it has one flaw.  It isn’t wireless.  I was recently asked to do a questionnaire on Sparkpeople about the tracker and I pointed it out many times hoping other users did too.  Now I debate whether to purchase a new one or wait and see if a new wireless tracker comes out soon (I have a hunch that it will) but I am still bummed that it is gone! 
I have never loss anything in a toilet before! 

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Weekly Meal Plan and A Good Run

I’m really loving my Sunday meal plan & prep!  It makes me excited about the next week knowing I am not going to be stressing about putting dinner together.

Weekly Meal Plan:

Monday:  Roast with Veggies (we didn’t have this last week so I moved it on to this week)

Tuesday: Spaghetti with salad

Wednesday: Chicken Fajitas

Thursday: Chile with yams

Friday: Sloppy Joes

Saturday: Venison Stew    (Poker 5K run)

Sunday: Pork Tenderloin with cauliflower mash

Today I prepped the spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes, and chili.  I put a huge salad together and cleaned and chopped veggies for the week.  I took no photos because I misplaced my phone until my friend called and I found it next to my cutting board I was chopping green peppers on… special!


It poured rain all night so when sun started breaking through early this morning I threw on my workout clothes and went for a run.  I ran 2 miles and walked a 1.16 back home. I’m so glad I took the sunny opening because it wasn’t an hour after I got back home it got all cloudy, windy, and rainy!



         Walking Home



After my run, I did a good clean sweep of the house, had the boys pick up their rooms, then I headed off to go grab some groceries.  It kind of annoys me that most places in this town don’t open until 11am… and close @ 4!  But what can you do… besides start a blog and piss & moan about it?

I got to talk about last nights dinner!!!



Paleo Chicken Enchiladas!!!  They were sooo effing good I was mad that I didn’t make myself more than 2 so I could have leftovers for lunch (the men of the house didn’t want theirs on my paleo tortillas so I had to make mine separate).  I don’t know about your moms, but my mom AND my mother- in-law add a can of cream of mushroom sauce to their enchilada sauce.  So instead of adding a non paleo friendly can of Campbell’s I made a quick healthier version that took no more time at all and taste DELICIOUS!!


I forgot to mention that this coming Saturday is also my first real 5k!  With other people.  I’m excited and nervous all at the same time… eek!  I also signed up for 2 others for this month too!