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I Believe It’s Fate!

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Did everyone have a fantastic Tuesday that felt like a Monday?!?   I worked for a couple of hours, ran some errands, went for a bike ride, and made chicken jalapeno pesto; all the while it felt like a Monday and I fought the urge to have another cup of coffee.

Lets talk about the good stuff.  Dinner.  Jalapeno Pesto! Man I cannot get enough of it!  I made it extra spice and the kids didn’t want to eat it but who cares?  I’m the mom and I said I wanted it SPICY!  No, actually they ate it pretty darn well for it being pretty darn spicy.


I sprinkled dry unsweetened coconut on top and that made it AWESOME as well!


Yesterday I was looking for some races for the month of June.  I am trying to do at 2-3 races a month, but I live so far out in the middle of nowhere and beyond, that I would have to travel every weekend to a race.  Problem Solved: virtual races to keep me motivated… since I found nothing good around here in the month of June to travel too.

BUT during my search, I did stumble across the greatest thing I have ever laid my eyes upon and I am pretty sure it is fate:


If you love running and you love chocolate, these races are for you!

Is that not the best logo EVER!?!?  Isn’t that the best race EVER!?!  They have 3 different races coming up in July, August, and November, and there is a good chance that I will sign up for all of them!  Check out the website if you are in Washington and want to cram chocolate in your face whilst running with a ridiculous smile with me.  Oh hey… I forgot to mention you get a CHOCOLATE MEDAL!!  Now that is some tasty BLING there!

Tomorrow I must get into the garden and show the weeds that I am boss…. or something like that.

Author: knottyamber

My name is Amber. I am a chocoholic and can do a fantastic Cher impersonation.

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