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The Weeds Won…

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Happy Thursday!  It is a wet one here, but needed so I won’t complain!
I was starving yesterday after my trip to the grocery store, so I whipped leftover Chicken Jalapeno Pesto for lunch.  Within 20 minutes I started getting a pain in the center of my chest… Something I have been getting off and on since Saturday.  Now this isn’t a rush me to the hospital I’m having a heart attack, but more like intense indigestion.  I figured it was my spicy lunch and it would pass like it had before… But it got really worse before it even started to get better.  I had to laydown to combat an odd nausia, which ruined my plans of tackling the weeds that are overtaking my garden.  You win another day weeds! 
By 5 o’clock I was feeling better so I made dinner:


Thai Chicken Stuffed Yams! 
I went easy on my gut and added no spice.  I know corn isn’t paleo, but it doesn’t bother me so I eat it.
Again after eating I started to get the pain, and this time it wasn’t leaving! And this time I didn’t get to lay on the couch and watch House MD đŸ˜¦  I had no choice but to barrel through the pain & discomfort because dishes needed done, lunches packed, and laundry folded.  Well, somewhere along the way I bent down to grab something off the floor and a warm matalic tasting slim crept up the back of my throat… I instantly knew what was going on and why!  I have been taking extra iron due to my anemia, AND I forgot this time last year taking liquid iron caused the same problem..  My ulcer to bleed!   
Seriously, how does one fight anemia when iron causes their ulcer to bleed!?!

Oh well, in the short 6 days I was taking extra iron my hair and eyebrows quit falling out as bad and my tiredness/brainfog has gotten better! 

The rain has quit & the sun is out!  I’m off to tackle the weeds! 

Author: knottyamber

My name is Amber. I am a chocoholic and can do a fantastic Cher impersonation.

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