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Weekend Recao

Hope everyone has had a good Monday!  I worked. I’m tired.

Saturday I ran the 5k here in town I was worrying about due to my ulcer.  I woke up later than I planned but felt better than the day before.  Partially because I gave myself a great pep talk before bed.  I told myslef I could run it, and I would run it, even with a bleeding ulcer, and even if it took me an hour.  Well.. the ulcer was the least of my problems!  As I was leaving for the race I started to get a blind spot in my vision.  This is my sign a migraine is right behind and I need to take cover within 20-30 minutes.  Well I ignored it and went to the race.. continuing my pep talk then.entire time. I actually did ok.  The last 1/2 mile was pure torture!!  Crossing the finish line was never sweeter :).  I didn’t even wait around for the prize drawing, I grabbed a complimentary water and went to my mother-in-laws and died on her floor for 2.5 hours. 


Race shirt

Needless to say the rest of the weekend was low key….


Sunday dinner was super taste! 


Jalapeno-bacon burger w/ yams.
I topped my burger w/ a creamy cilantro dip and used a paleo English muffin for a bun.  Yummo! 

Do you get migraines?  What’s your cure?