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What I ate on Monday

Good Morning!  Did you sleep well?  I did, and that is the first in 3 nights.  The man of the house is off to work for the rest of the week, so the kiddos and I are flying solo.  I am pretty jazzed this morning – not because my husband is gone, but in general.  The past few days have felt hopeless:  running is over, hike season is canned, etc, etc.  But this morning I see the light!!!!  I am going to stop the pity party, and work through this.  I know I said this all yesterday… but the pain was horrible yesterday, and all day long it felt like my knee cap was rattling which was putting me a pissed off-don’t talk to me mood. Kevin ensured me that the third day is the worst (we shall see) and that the rattling was the nerves healing (haha!).

I was planning on doing nothing but ab workouts all week, but I can do more!  Obviously am not going to be doing squats or lunges, but I can do a good upper body workout as well.  Okay as lame as it is, this revelation got me all jazzed this morning!

Lets move on to my food yesterday:


Blueberry, almond, spinach smoothy.




Salami sandwich with watermelon.


Pork tacos on paleo tortillas with yams and WAY too much homemade tartar sauce.



I got this recipe off of CarrotsnCakes.  She puts hers in the microwave, but I made mine on the stove.  The best decision I made all night was adding the whip topping and chocolate chips. I regret nothing.  All it is 2 TBS almond butter, handful blueberrys.  Warm up, and it taste like a cobbler!


We lucked out and only got the tail end of the promised storm yesterday.  It was dark and you could hear the thunder in the distance for 2 hours, but by the time it hit us, it was nothing but rain.


Now we have a heat advisory got the next 2 days…. blah!


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Weigh In Monday & Photo Dump

Happy Monday!  We have the threat of thunder & lightning today, and living in this tender box makes me a bit nervous of fires.
My weigh in this morning was 169 on the dot 😦  I have been pretty bummed about my knee and have done a fair job of consoling myself with food sweets.  But that # bummed me out more than my knee!  I know I going to be limited on working out, but I have got to keep my eating under control the next few weeks while my knee heals.
This week’s plan:
1.) Eat healthy & small portions
2.) Ab workouts EVERY DAY
3.) Small walks if my knee allows
I just need to keep my moral up that is all….

Photo Dump:


Sundays dinner: salami sandwich with yam fries


Sunday breakfast: paleo pancake & banana


Map to libby lake


Paleo raspberry bars = holy yummo!


Trail mix for the hike


Thursday dinner: tacos


Mexican Coke: soo good with way less ingredients than American...


Chicken salad with raspberries


Paleo pancakes with caveman syrup

Hope you have a good Monday!

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Failed Hike

This weekend we had planned on hiking into Libby Lake; which is one of the highest named alpine lakes in the Sawtooth Range.  We left Friday right after the boys finished swim lessons and were on the trail by 2pm.  It was hot, and the trail is an intense uphill climb. 
At around .77 of a mile, I was leading the crew (and I’m thankful it was me and not one of the kiddos) up a high steep edge; when the narrow trail crumbled under my left foot and with no time to react I fell.  I landed all my weight, including my 60 lb pack on my right knee!  The pain was insane and I was in a position that I couldn’t even get off of my leg until I removed my pack.
Because I didn’t want to ruin the weekend, I continued on… unfortunately at mile 2 the pain was so bad, I had to admit I wouldn’t be able to continue on and we had to turn around and head home.  Going down the steep stuff sucked and I cried the whole way.  I almost think going up hill hurt less, but I was so afraid I would get up there and not be able to hike out. 


Bummin' it!

So this weekend I ended up not doing much.  I’m hoping I didn’t damage anything, but I guess only time will tell.
Did you have a better weekend?

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Wednesday’s Eats

Happy Thursday folks!!!  It was suppose to be another hot one here, but it is actually chilly this morning (shorts and sweatshirt weather)  I checked the weather and it isn’t suppose to be so hot!  The wind is breezy, the wind generator is pumpin’, life is good at 5:30 am!

Yesterday’s eats:

Breakfast: 20140707_091142


Paleo Granola with fresh picked raspberries

Lunch:20140709_125802 (1)

Sausage, sauerkraut, and spinach salad

Snack: 20140709_133256 (1)

I only ended up eating the spinach salad and one sausage at lunch, so a short while later I was still hungry.  I had a cup of ice tea and a paleo protein ball

Dinner:20140709_180543 (1)

Pulled chicken taco with cucumbers.  Thank god for BBQ’s in the summer.  You couldn’t pay me to turn my oven on yesterday 🙂

Desert: 20140709_192838 (1)

The red booze cup is so adult like right!?!   Hmmm… maybe I should have added a splash of a little somthin’ somethin’ in there?  But this was a virgin blueberry smoothy.


Since it is going to be cool, I have no excuse but to get outside and weed a bit in the garden and pick raspberries before taking the little men of the house to swim lessons!

What are you doing today?

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Road Trip With Elvis

How did your Wednesday go?  At 6:30 this morning  it was already HOT!  I was going to go for a run, but I though I will wait until this evening; around 10 pm to do it.  Now at 9 pm it is still too warm!  I am sitting here typing this as I marinated in my own sweat… too personal?   My trip to Wenatchee was uneventful.  It was fun just being with my mom, but for some reason every time I go to Wenatchee I feel fat.  I don’t know why?!  Maybe it is just sitting unactive in the car for 3 hours that does it, but I am sure I come back 5 lbs heavier 😦

My mom has a new 2014 Toyota Corolla and that baby is sweet to drive, so that was enjoyable!  She ONLY listens to the Elvis station on SirusXM so I got ballsey and changed it to Octane while she was in the store… Then she turned it down… I think our choice in rock music is different.

I’m use to driving my truck where the gear shift is on the driving column,  that I kept grabbing the windshield wipers to shift the car.  It was pretty funny at first.

Before I left for Wenatchee, Sully lost his top tooth. When I got home, he was just heading to bed with it in a plastic bag.  #PARENTFAIL   Tooth fairy forgot to get her arse off the couch last night and retrieve the tooth!!  Kevin made quick work and gave him a $1.50, but then this morning on our way to swim lessons I found out that he DIDN’T take the tooth!  So Sully was upset that he was snubbed again by the tooth fairy!  So tonight before we went to bed he taped this picture and his tooth to the front door.  Dang now I feel like poo….20140709_211523

My friend gave me a good idea to leave a note from the tooth fairy that she is sorry she missed him, but it was too hot for her to fly.  I might go with it.

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Team in Training for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

In my last post I said I haven’t been worrying about my weight so much as my training.  Training? Whaaa?

Yes, I have been training with Team in Training (TNT) to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!   What is TNT?   Team In Training (TNT) is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society‘s (LLS) endurance sports training program.  In a nutshell you raise funds for LLS and in return you are given training by coaches to walk/run, hike, cycle, or do a triathlon.  The money raised by TNT goes to help fund research for advance treatments and cures for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.  The funds also help give education and support to cancer patients and their families.

I am raising money to run the Nike Woman’s San Francisco Half Marathon.  I do need your help!  Please help support me by making a small donation.  Any amount helps!


Check out my TNT site here:


Thank you kindly,





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Weigh In & Backpacking

Happy Monday Y’all!  I am up earlier than usual.  My mom is house sitting my sister’s casa and she has 2 Dr appointments today in Wenatchee so I am going to do the loving daughter bit and drive her there and back, but I have a few things to do before we go so I got up early… but everyone is sleeping and so I have to be quiet so that was basically pointless!  Coffee is made so there is no point in going back to bed 🙂

I took a “pause”:

I know I have been MIA for a while but I am back!  I can’t let summer take over too much right!?!?   First off.  I have changed my weigh in day from Wednesday to Monday.  This helps me stay accountable for the weekends, which lately have been my downfall.  That and ice cream with fresh raspberries from the garden.  So this mornings weigh in was 167.6; I put on 7 lbs but I think some of that may have been muscle because we have been doing a ton of hiking.   Lately I haven’t been worrying so much about my weight, I have just been worrying about training (which I will get to in a bit)  but I can tell when I put on 5 lbs and wasn’t surprised by the number this morning… my knees told me days ago.  So my goal is to loose 8 lbs this month!  Running at 160 lbs is easier than running at 167 lbs that is for sure!

Oval hike:

So last weekend we hiked into West Oval.  It is a 15 mile round trip hike, and it is all UP HILL!  Our plan was to hike in on Saturday and either hike out on Tuesday or Wednesday.  We hiked for hours and the last .25 of a mile was through the snow… wa wa waaaa!  Our clothes were wet so we instantly started a fire to get things dried.  It was chilly and the wind started along with the rain..  and the fish weren’t biting so while Kevin and I were discussing dinner, while the boys were throwing sticks on the fire.  I just happen to glance up from the cook stove to see Sully’s shoe on fire & the sleeves of Blaze’s sweatshirt!!!!  That is devastation in the backwoods folks!   Needless to say we ended up hiking out the next afternoon.


West Oval


West Oval Peak. It is BEAUTIFUL!


Check Out the crispy sleeves!


Kevin made Sully this sweet sandal to get him off the mountain.


Boys at camp.







All in all it was a good hike!  The boys loved it, and didn’t complain about the distance or their packs.  Hopefully next time (which will probably be this fall) we can stay longer.

The last time we hiked up there Zion was 1 and a half.


Nothing has changed, he lives to fish!

Apparently hiking is going to be our “thang.”  Before I came along my husband lived in the woods any chance he could get… I took that away from him, and now that the boys are older and enjoy the woods just as much, we will be spending a lot more time in them!