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Failed Hike

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This weekend we had planned on hiking into Libby Lake; which is one of the highest named alpine lakes in the Sawtooth Range.  We left Friday right after the boys finished swim lessons and were on the trail by 2pm.  It was hot, and the trail is an intense uphill climb. 
At around .77 of a mile, I was leading the crew (and I’m thankful it was me and not one of the kiddos) up a high steep edge; when the narrow trail crumbled under my left foot and with no time to react I fell.  I landed all my weight, including my 60 lb pack on my right knee!  The pain was insane and I was in a position that I couldn’t even get off of my leg until I removed my pack.
Because I didn’t want to ruin the weekend, I continued on… unfortunately at mile 2 the pain was so bad, I had to admit I wouldn’t be able to continue on and we had to turn around and head home.  Going down the steep stuff sucked and I cried the whole way.  I almost think going up hill hurt less, but I was so afraid I would get up there and not be able to hike out. 


Bummin' it!

So this weekend I ended up not doing much.  I’m hoping I didn’t damage anything, but I guess only time will tell.
Did you have a better weekend?

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