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Weigh In Monday & Photo Dump

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Happy Monday!  We have the threat of thunder & lightning today, and living in this tender box makes me a bit nervous of fires.
My weigh in this morning was 169 on the dot 😦  I have been pretty bummed about my knee and have done a fair job of consoling myself with food sweets.  But that # bummed me out more than my knee!  I know I going to be limited on working out, but I have got to keep my eating under control the next few weeks while my knee heals.
This week’s plan:
1.) Eat healthy & small portions
2.) Ab workouts EVERY DAY
3.) Small walks if my knee allows
I just need to keep my moral up that is all….

Photo Dump:


Sundays dinner: salami sandwich with yam fries


Sunday breakfast: paleo pancake & banana


Map to libby lake


Paleo raspberry bars = holy yummo!


Trail mix for the hike


Thursday dinner: tacos


Mexican Coke: soo good with way less ingredients than American...


Chicken salad with raspberries


Paleo pancakes with caveman syrup

Hope you have a good Monday!

Author: knottyamber

My name is Amber. I am a chocoholic and can do a fantastic Cher impersonation.

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