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ADIOS 2014

Anyone as excited about this year coming to a close as I am??? Next year is bringing some big changes in our family so as excited as I am; I am equally as anxious!

2014 in a nutshell:
After injuring my knee early summer, I have not gotten back into consistently working out. My knee is good and I have been able to run 4 miles without so much as a problem. I just need to buck up and focus, and that is my 2015 plan.
I ran 14 5k’s in 2014!!! It was tough to get those last few in, especially after the weather started changing. But I did it and that was my goal. I got some awesome metals, shirts, and ribbons to show for it too!20141231_162558
I attempted to go back to school this past fall quarter and even though it was all online and I got A’s in all classes, I am not going back. I give major props to all people who have a family, job and go to school. I clearly cannot.

2015 goals:
Run at least 10 miles a week
Run 15 5k’s in 2015
Run at least 1 10k
Make my goal weight of 145

Made it to 160 lbs in September!

Made it to 160 lbs in September!

The first thing is I must is to get a new spark tracker. I noticed immediately that my motivation began slipping back in May after I lost my tracker down the toilet. I have been waiting for the new wireless ones to come out, but I guess they got scratched as there is no mention of it on now. I am just going to have to buy the old tracker and kick myself a week later when the new one comes out! I am also planning on picking up on my blogging. It truly keeps me motivated, and something I enjoy. I need to learn more about websites so I can do more – so if anyone is tech savvy shoot me a line 😉

I have already signed up for Mission To Mars, which I am totally excited about. I got my cadet metal earlier this month and was in LOVE! I am debating about signing up for LLS again. I really want to run a race for them, and it is something I support with all my heart, but I still need to talk with the husband before jumping in.

I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be safe out there, talk to ya next year!
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