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Happy New Years everyone!  My plans were the usual – go to bed, wake up to fireworks, kiss the husband, go back to sleep.  But instead I was up about a half hour before midnight with full body aches… this whole winter break my boys have been kicking around a flu bug, and I guess I was not as immune as I thought.  Then as if the body aches were not enough, I just happened to look outside at the fireworks in time to see our female great pyrenees pup scale the fence and bolt like lightening.  Her dislike for fireworks got her a night sleep indoors – after we caught her.


So while I am not following my plans of running today, here are a few pictures from a couple of my last races. 


I had not ran in over a month and then ran this race. It by far was the best race of the year because it was my friends first and it was local so there were a lot of people I knew! 


B is my halloween junky and zombie lover, so when I signed us up for the zombie run we were all kind of shocked when he freaked!  I ran the entire course with him on my back!!  I got a lot of flack for this picture but seriously you have to know my kid and been there to see the humor that we got out of it. 


See, post race all is good! 


Raiding the candy bowl!

Hope everyone had a great night!  Bring one 2015!!

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My name is Amber. I am a chocoholic and can do a fantastic Cher impersonation.

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