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Finally Getting Better!

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Hello!  I hope everyone’s Tuesday went speedy.  I finally got all kiddos healthy enough to go back to school today so my day went by too fast.
Sickness has plagued our house for nearly 3 weeks.. and last Friday landed the one of the twins in the ER for a possible appendixitis.  Luckily all results came back negative and 2 bags of fluid later they let us go home.  I have vowed to get us healthy, as this is the worst we have had it in years! 
My new year goals have not been happening, which is disappointing. I have so far managed 3.5 miles this year 😦  but this week I will make my 10 mile goal. I know I can!
Random food I have eaten:





I did not eat that plate of eggs myself, I swear!  The mini mouse cupcaks were for my sisters birthday and my frosting is beyond addicting. 
Another awesome thing that came last week was my moon jogger goodies.



I am totally in love with this shirt and got many questions about it today.  The metal (my first of the year- for the year) is really awesome and heavy… if someone broke into my house I could use it to cause bodily harm if needed. 
Honestly though, If you run, you should really check into it is really worth the money to join!

’till next time!

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My name is Amber. I am a chocoholic and can do a fantastic Cher impersonation.

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