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My Tracker Gone Crazy!

Yesterday – day #2 for those that are counting went off without a hitch, minus the fact that I forgot my vitamins in the morning. Oh well life rolled on without them. Gym time was awesome! My running is ridiculously slow, but I’m trying to not focus on a 15 min mile – 15 min treadmill mile… I can’t wait to run on pavement. I was even scoping out the route by work to see how long before the snow might be gone and I can run outdoors. With all this rain and early winter breakup going on it might be sooner rather than later 🙌!

Last night ended up being a long night because my son had a late basketball practice. By the time I hit the front door I was STARVING!! Thank goodness my well trained hubby had dinner ready. We had a change in dinner plans and when I changed it up on MyFitnessPal it said I was nowhere close to my goal. Odd! My stuffed stomach and pending bedtime didn’t give it much thought until this morning….

After changing what we ended up having for dinner.

Crossing over my meals from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Same meals different macros!!! Like I said had my stomach not been full and so late I may have tried to have a snack before bed to get a little closer to my daily goal. Glad my gut lead me in the right direction… which was bed because I was tired.

Case and point, I will have to watch this a little closer from now on!

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Cutting – Day 1

Today I started the cutting phase of Thinner Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews.

I have had his Shredded Chef on my kindle for a long while and got this to go with it a few months back. I’ve read bits a pieces – but over the weekend I really got into the meat and potatoes of it and decided I wanted to follow it. So today was cutting day UNO… and drumroll please… I have a headache! Ugh! Headaches make my willpower diminish, but so far I am holding strong.

What I’ve learned on day one is that I am a fasting workout person. While I was making my coffee at 4am I ate a bowl of yogurt with my homemade CocoNUT granola and headed for the gym at 5:30 drinking a pre-workout drink. By the time I got to work before 8am my stomach was having some serious GI distress and I was to drink my post workout shake. Tomorrow my plan is to workout in my usual “fasting state”. I also ordered a vitamin bundle from Michael Mathews supplements brand Legion Athletics – I’m excited to try them on top of the macro counting/workouts!

Here’s to day 2!