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I Believe It’s Fate!

Did everyone have a fantastic Tuesday that felt like a Monday?!?   I worked for a couple of hours, ran some errands, went for a bike ride, and made chicken jalapeno pesto; all the while it felt like a Monday and I fought the urge to have another cup of coffee.

Lets talk about the good stuff.  Dinner.  Jalapeno Pesto! Man I cannot get enough of it!  I made it extra spice and the kids didn’t want to eat it but who cares?  I’m the mom and I said I wanted it SPICY!  No, actually they ate it pretty darn well for it being pretty darn spicy.


I sprinkled dry unsweetened coconut on top and that made it AWESOME as well!


Yesterday I was looking for some races for the month of June.  I am trying to do at 2-3 races a month, but I live so far out in the middle of nowhere and beyond, that I would have to travel every weekend to a race.  Problem Solved: virtual races to keep me motivated… since I found nothing good around here in the month of June to travel too.

BUT during my search, I did stumble across the greatest thing I have ever laid my eyes upon and I am pretty sure it is fate:


If you love running and you love chocolate, these races are for you!

Is that not the best logo EVER!?!?  Isn’t that the best race EVER!?!  They have 3 different races coming up in July, August, and November, and there is a good chance that I will sign up for all of them!  Check out the website if you are in Washington and want to cram chocolate in your face whilst running with a ridiculous smile with me.  Oh hey… I forgot to mention you get a CHOCOLATE MEDAL!!  Now that is some tasty BLING there!

Tomorrow I must get into the garden and show the weeds that I am boss…. or something like that.

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We seem to have a touch of a stomach bug hitting our house.  Thank god it isn’t one that last long, but really nothing I wanted to have this week.  Yesterday not only came with the flu, but news that my grandpa in WV had passed away… we knew it was coming, and he is no longer in pain, and for that I am grateful!

Yesterday Eats:

Breakfast:  Paleo Oatmeal turned pancake with almond butter


I threw it in the pan to make some Paleo oatmeal and it turned into a pancake… a delicious mistake!

Lunch : Leftover elk steak and pesto on spaghetti squash with baby carrots


I ❤ jalapeno pesto!

Dinner : Pecan Stuffed Chicken, sweet potato cake, and salad made with coconut kefir ranch


Snack: cherry – chocolate smoothy



I also made some cherry-chocolate paleo bars for my little rockstars for lunch this week.. guess I was in a mood for a cherry- chocolate combo yesterday!  I also made grain free Chocolate Banana Muffins… but sadly the men in the house devoured them straight out of the oven.  Growing men they are.  IMAG2083


Yesterday Workout:

My plan was to do some strengthening at home so when Blaze woke up sick, it set that in stone.  Once he finally fell asleep I got busy!


IMAG2077I Decided to do a WOD that I haven’t done since last fall:

12 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

10 – lunges with 25# plate (obviously I only used 10 – what a pussy I am!)

15 – air squats

20 – speed skaters

10 – tuck jumps

In 12 minutes I did 4.5 rounds, and holy crap and I feeling it in my legs today!!!!  Of course I couldn’t find what my records from last fall to see how many rounds I could do, but I have an inkling that they haven’t improved 🙂  I’m going to add a weekly WOD to my workout from now on.

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Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

             This weekend is turning out to be the best weekend this year by far, and after the week that we have had it is well deserved!!  First off, We lost our little kitten early this week and our other cat was attacked, leaving a huge hole in his side.  The culprit is probably an owl as we found a owl pellet out back. Thanks to some peroxide and penacillian shots he is well on the mend. The boys are super bummed that their kitten is gone, but living out here you have to expect it to happen. 


              So this weekend has been laid back working in the yard and garden….and getting laundry all caught up (of course).
This morning after working out – ab curcit, get to that in a minute.
I ate an hard boiled egg on a slice of wheat toast and my cookies & cream protein shake. 


Then took my vitamins and got busy in the garden.  My brother in law came up with tacos for lunch and all the fixings for carne asada for dinner (Cinco de Mayo style).



I seriously could not stay out of the avacado dip he made!!! The salsa is pretty kick ass too!  Good food, good company, the way it should be!!  I think a little later we are going to take a little hike around the property and then I plan on enjoying a Obsidian Stout for desert.  Chocolatey coffee beer? YES PLEASE!!!!

My ab curcit was simple yet effective.
3s12r – ab twist with a barbell with 22.5 lbs on top
3s12r – bicycle crunches
3s12r – crunch
3s12r – crunch w/ arms in ( works a different ab group)
3s10r – leg ups w/ 10 lb weight
3s12r – leg ups w/ buso ball
I am already feeling it especially from the leg ups….I don’t know what it is about adding the extra weight but DANG!!! 



Hope everyone has a happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!!

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Last night’s chocolate binge!

Ok so sometimes my healthy life topped with chocolate can turn into a binge of chocolate.  But last night was BAD!  
Let’s rewind a sec here.  Saturday I had a migraine my second one in a week and a half.  Now after a migraine I want 2 things – Chinese food and chocolate! There isn’t a Chinese restaurant around here unless I want to boarder hop into Canada… So chocolate it is!  I have been on a good chocolate spree since Sunday but last night instead of dinner I ate –  pretzel m&ms that my brother in law got for me (while making dinner), a few chocolate chip cookies (instead of dinner), and plain m&ms (after dinner).  The cookies and plain m&ms are for a craft and manipulates for my prek class.  I think (hope, pray) my chocolate cravings are gone as last night I was chocolated out.  We all have to binge it all about admitting it and moving on! 

So I got up this morning and moved on-
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