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My Love-Hate Relationship With Wind

The weather was crummy yesterday.  Very windy with a threat of rain.  I hate wind.  Good for making power, but not for working in a garden.  That’s a lie.  Wind power isn’t what it is cut out to be either. wind-energyMaybe if we had something like this, wind would be good for making power!  Think it is loud?  Can’t be any louder than our neighbors POS windmill that screams so loud I can hear it perfectly in my house at times. I only worked in the garden for an hour and a half yesterday and I’m still finding dirt in my ears from the wind. I threw down my rake and decided baking was in order! I’ve been dying to make some coconut butter.  I bought some from here & the man of the house ate it all in three days with nothing but a spoon.  I stumbled across a recipe to make your own and wanted to give it a try. IMAG2165 It was supper simple!  I ❤ simple things.  Coconut flakes and a food processor –  blend forever and a day (did I mention my power supply was low yesterday… EVEN with the wind.)  and you got creamy-ish coconut butter.  As good as Nikki’s?  Not by a long shot, but in a pinch it worked great. I then made this recipe from  Uh.. ya… I’m a little obsessed with her and her food because I even made one of her recipes for dinner!  The Man of The House LOVED the cookie bars!   He said it reminded him of something from when he was a kid & then ate it all in the middle of the night. Nice. IMAG2172 I’m going to try to adapt it into a cookie ice cream sandwich for the twin’s birthday next weekend. Yesterday’s Eats: Breakfast:  Paleo Granola with coconut milk.  I scarfed this down as I was running out the door to go pick up the boy’s invites from Wal-Mart. Lunch:  Turkey burger with guac and sprouts IMAG2163 Dinner:  Thia chicken stuffed Yams. Recipe here.. you won’t regret it.  As soon as I saw this I had to make it.  You stuff a yam with anything and my mouth starts to water!  And of course, it was another slam dunk with The Man of The House! IMAG2147 Snack:  Banana with almond butter   My workout: I got my weekly WOD on yesterday… and of course I’m feeling it today. I’m so glad I added them into my weekly routine! FOR TIME: 25- push ups 20- lunges (counting each leg) 30- sit-ups 20 – air squats 5- burpees 30 sec- plant hold 5- burpee 20- air squats 30- sit-ups 20- lunges 25- push ups It was intense and the kids kept interrupting.  My time: 2014-04-03_12-10-31 (1)   I even PRed my time from last fall!  WOO-HOO! The sun is shining today so I better get a jump on!

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Today’s randomness…

Man I am BEAT!  Working the last two days, keeping up with the house, and soccer has me sleeping like a lamb chop at night!  Lets get to it.

Today’s eats

Breakfast:  Egg frittata… I’m not a fan!  Go figure.  I at like 3 bites of this.


Lunch:  Tuna on Paleo tortilla.  DELICIOUS!!!


Dinner:  Salad from the pizza place with chicken and homemade honey mustard.  I was so hungry I was telling myself out loud to SLOW DOWN!!  I feared I may choke when my personal pep talks weren’t working!  No pic because my damn phone is once again dying… or because I scarfed it so fast I forgot to take a pic. You decide.

Snack:  Cup-O-Coconut Kefir


Today’s workout:

30 on my ancient elliptical.  Good music was on Pandora THANK GOD…  My legs are sore from my run yesterday.  Speaking of running; I changed up my running routine yesterday.  I ran for 5 minutes walked for 1 for a total of 5 rounds! I wanted to die and I almost talked myself out of the last round, but I sucked it up and I was glad that I did!

I think I have mastered the Paleo Tortilla:

3 eggs

1.5 TBS almond flour

1 TBS coconut flour

1 tsp arrowroot

pinch of salt

Place all ingredients in a bowl or measuring cup with spout.  Using a stick blender, blend until smmmoooth!  Get a pan hot, then turn down to low, lightly oil and pour round delicious tortillas on pan to your desired size.  Let cook for 1 minute flip and cook 20-30 seconds on second side.

Ya Baby!  Simple. Delicious!

I’m off to bed… to do it all again tomorrow!

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Back on track

Over father’s day weekend, my workouts crashed and burned and Monday was full of laziness after my husband took off to Montana for work.  My intent was to hike this weekend, but we ended up driving around in the woods, stopping to let the kids (furry ones too) get out and play and fish. 
I was extremely proud of how well I ate during our woodland misadventures!  I’m still kicking myself for devouring a mosse tracks waffle cone ice cream –  it tasted aweful and I should have tossed it, but it was from a small town and it cost half a fourtune.  I hate wasted food.  I guess I’m more upset for paying that much and it taste like crap than actually eating it 🙂
Tuesday morning I woke up at 5 am bound and determined to get back in workout mode.  I sped walked 1.9 miles and came back and did 3 sets of squats, 2 sets of lunged, 3 sets of side bends, and an assortment of an workouts.  I felt so good afterwards! 


Breakfast was 1/2 c Greek yogurt with granola, rasins, and a tsp of PB with a small scoop of coconut flakes, and black coffee.  I sat at the table with the kids and read them Shel Silberstein poems.  It was such fun I full intend to do it again this morning! 
Mid morning I decided I needed to torture myself – I couldn’t put it off any longer.  I had to go to Wal-Mart with 3 kids… Hell on earth.  But I hadn’t been in over a month so my list was getting pretty big.  The kids did really well and I promised if they were good I would buy them a starwberry lemonaide from Starbucks. 


At checkout from Wal-Mart I got overheated and hunger hit quick.  A skinny coconut latte and a cliff bar helped 🙂
It didn’t hold me over too long and so I took a break from cleaning and made a salad.


I topped it with leftover homemade pesto noodles and a small around of oil and basamic vinegar…. Of course the boys ate most of it! 


Later I whipped up a buterfinger shake as I know call them.  1/4 C Greek yogurt, 2 tbs PB2, and coconut milk.  Coconut milk is the way to go!  I drank the damn thing faster than it took me to make it :/

Dinner was odd.  I couldn’t decided what I wanted, so I tossed everything that sounded good together.  It hit the spot!


Hard boiled egg, wild rice, corn, and a BBQ’D yam.  I just can’t get enough of yams lately!! 

It was a good day to get back on track!

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On some levels, I am the worst impulse shopper.  The other day I was on Amazon searching for an ice cream maker.  I want to start making our own frozen yogurt and some how I end up looking at “Yonanas” to make banana soft serve.  I myself, have always used my mixer, but now they have a new contraption made strictly for banana soft serve.  I LOVE reading reviews and can spend a whole lot of wasted time reading reviews for produces I will never buy…. Such as the yonana… 
One review stated it was a waste and you can do the same thing in a blender (duh!), and then gave a quick recipe that called for PB2.  Holy cow what is PB2?  And like numerious times before Amazon reads my mind (please tell me it does that to you too!) and in the “what others bought” is PB2!  After spending more wasted time reading countless reviews on PB2. I purchased it… Damn Prime gets me every time… Ok it was really the chocolate PB2 🙂


What is Pb2?  Well basicly it is powdered peanut butter that has 85% less fat than regular peanut butter!  2 TBS = 45 calories, 10 fat calories, 1g total fat. 
Now you only get 15 servings in a jar so for a family this might not be a good selection, but for a person watching their weight and likes peanut butter, it is a god send! 
Chocolate and peanut butter are my weakness so it was a no brainer purchasing both jars through Amazon for $10.99. 

First thing this morning I whipped up a shake


In my BlenderBottle I added:
1/4 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
2 TBS chocolate PB2
Almond milk to the 12oz line and shook it well.  Wowza!  It was like drinking a butterfinger!! 

Later I decided to make some peanut butter up for a taste test.


2 TBS PB2 powder
1 TBS water


It has a different texture, maybe I needed to mix it more, but it wasn’t bad. 


seal of approval from the Peanut Butter Bug

I plan on playing around with a few more recipies, but so far, I am pretty dang happy with this Amazon impulse buy! 

Are you an impulse shopper?