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Weekly Meal Plan and A Good Run

I’m really loving my Sunday meal plan & prep!  It makes me excited about the next week knowing I am not going to be stressing about putting dinner together.

Weekly Meal Plan:

Monday:  Roast with Veggies (we didn’t have this last week so I moved it on to this week)

Tuesday: Spaghetti with salad

Wednesday: Chicken Fajitas

Thursday: Chile with yams

Friday: Sloppy Joes

Saturday: Venison Stew    (Poker 5K run)

Sunday: Pork Tenderloin with cauliflower mash

Today I prepped the spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes, and chili.  I put a huge salad together and cleaned and chopped veggies for the week.  I took no photos because I misplaced my phone until my friend called and I found it next to my cutting board I was chopping green peppers on… special!


It poured rain all night so when sun started breaking through early this morning I threw on my workout clothes and went for a run.  I ran 2 miles and walked a 1.16 back home. I’m so glad I took the sunny opening because it wasn’t an hour after I got back home it got all cloudy, windy, and rainy!



         Walking Home



After my run, I did a good clean sweep of the house, had the boys pick up their rooms, then I headed off to go grab some groceries.  It kind of annoys me that most places in this town don’t open until 11am… and close @ 4!  But what can you do… besides start a blog and piss & moan about it?

I got to talk about last nights dinner!!!



Paleo Chicken Enchiladas!!!  They were sooo effing good I was mad that I didn’t make myself more than 2 so I could have leftovers for lunch (the men of the house didn’t want theirs on my paleo tortillas so I had to make mine separate).  I don’t know about your moms, but my mom AND my mother- in-law add a can of cream of mushroom sauce to their enchilada sauce.  So instead of adding a non paleo friendly can of Campbell’s I made a quick healthier version that took no more time at all and taste DELICIOUS!!


I forgot to mention that this coming Saturday is also my first real 5k!  With other people.  I’m excited and nervous all at the same time… eek!  I also signed up for 2 others for this month too! 


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Migraine Monday

Yesterday I got my first migraine in months!  So today is what I call “migraine hangover” or simply “running on stupid.” I tried to fill the coffee basket at work with coffee AND water. Genius!  Last week I took a “pause” as Linda Spangle suggest we calls it in her book 100 Days of Weight Loss.  It wasn’t planned, but everytime I attempted and was prepared to workout I was sabotaged one way or another. Not to mention I ran all over the planet and back trying to make appointments, soccer, and work. So needless to say my eating suffered.
This week is off to a better start. Well minus the migraine…

Today’s eats:


This morning I woke up starving so I made a paleo English muffin with almond butter and a banana before work.  I guess not eating dinner the night before will do that!


At work I ate some cherries with kefir.


I was bored at work so I took random pictures of some tea I found in the drawer and almonds. The lady boss filled my almond jar again.  I ate them all in two days..for shame Amber!



Curry meatballs over cauliflower rice with cuccumber salad.  Man, I nailed the curry sauce tonight! 

Ran for 30 min. 


Beautiful day!


Pile of Pyreneese! How cute are they!?

I’m hoping the weather is nice tomorrow so I can start planting goodies in the garden!!

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Wednesday Weigh In & This Chick Loves To Run

Happy mid-week!
I woke up this morning feeling extremely apologetic to my body.  Last night after soccer we grabbed burgers for dinner.  I was so hungry I didn’t even snap a pic!  It was bunless and dairyless but the cross contamination was all there. 

Within a half hour of eating I was in misary – stomach cramps and bathroom trip the remainder of the evening and most of the night.
Upon waking I decided I was going to run my This Chick Loves to Run (for a cure) virtual race.  My original plan was to run it on the 18th, but why put off something a week when you can do it today?  But more importantly I was too damn excited about it to put it off any longer + I needed to apologize to my body for the agony I put it through!
Of course I didn’t get out the door until late- almost 11.. Sheesh!  I also was stopped briefly twice.. that was weird. I usually see nobody on my runs.


Me with my lucky # 131. I will keep this bib forever!

That was running! All running no walking!!! Woo-hoo!

Weigh in:

My scale is dirty! I’m sorry you have to see that…
But my toes aren’t polished and I would rather you see a dirty scale that unpainted toe nails. I’m odd.

Anyone else running races this month?

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5 days left…

Why do I have a 5 on my hand?  Because yesterday I had a 6… And I’m not telling until day 0.  Cruel.


Yesterday I was a slug.  I didn’t do crap!  I was so sore that a rest day was in order, but I was super unmotivated.  I did however score a Garmin forerunner 110 for a good deal (because shopping online is laziness acceptable).  Now I can’t wait for it to come!!  This was my 10lb present because yesterday I climbed on the scale and I was 162 on the dot! 

Yesterday’s Eats:
Breakfast: fried egg on speghetti squash and a banana w/ almond butter


Lunch: egg salad on lettuce w/ sprouts and an apple


Dinner: homemade pizza – jenni-o turkey sauasage w/ sundried tomatoes, and non- dairy cheese.


It was nice to finally have something to hold my toppings on my crust! 


It had a good flavor too.  Even The Man of The House liked it.

Now I need to bust some garden work out today… I love when I put stuff off and then panic when it comes down to the wire. Living on the edge.

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My Love-Hate Relationship With Wind

The weather was crummy yesterday.  Very windy with a threat of rain.  I hate wind.  Good for making power, but not for working in a garden.  That’s a lie.  Wind power isn’t what it is cut out to be either. wind-energyMaybe if we had something like this, wind would be good for making power!  Think it is loud?  Can’t be any louder than our neighbors POS windmill that screams so loud I can hear it perfectly in my house at times. I only worked in the garden for an hour and a half yesterday and I’m still finding dirt in my ears from the wind. I threw down my rake and decided baking was in order! I’ve been dying to make some coconut butter.  I bought some from here & the man of the house ate it all in three days with nothing but a spoon.  I stumbled across a recipe to make your own and wanted to give it a try. IMAG2165 It was supper simple!  I ❤ simple things.  Coconut flakes and a food processor –  blend forever and a day (did I mention my power supply was low yesterday… EVEN with the wind.)  and you got creamy-ish coconut butter.  As good as Nikki’s?  Not by a long shot, but in a pinch it worked great. I then made this recipe from  Uh.. ya… I’m a little obsessed with her and her food because I even made one of her recipes for dinner!  The Man of The House LOVED the cookie bars!   He said it reminded him of something from when he was a kid & then ate it all in the middle of the night. Nice. IMAG2172 I’m going to try to adapt it into a cookie ice cream sandwich for the twin’s birthday next weekend. Yesterday’s Eats: Breakfast:  Paleo Granola with coconut milk.  I scarfed this down as I was running out the door to go pick up the boy’s invites from Wal-Mart. Lunch:  Turkey burger with guac and sprouts IMAG2163 Dinner:  Thia chicken stuffed Yams. Recipe here.. you won’t regret it.  As soon as I saw this I had to make it.  You stuff a yam with anything and my mouth starts to water!  And of course, it was another slam dunk with The Man of The House! IMAG2147 Snack:  Banana with almond butter   My workout: I got my weekly WOD on yesterday… and of course I’m feeling it today. I’m so glad I added them into my weekly routine! FOR TIME: 25- push ups 20- lunges (counting each leg) 30- sit-ups 20 – air squats 5- burpees 30 sec- plant hold 5- burpee 20- air squats 30- sit-ups 20- lunges 25- push ups It was intense and the kids kept interrupting.  My time: 2014-04-03_12-10-31 (1)   I even PRed my time from last fall!  WOO-HOO! The sun is shining today so I better get a jump on!

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April Prep

Yesterday’s food prep started out so promising.  But by afternoon I was fed up… fed up with things I had forgotten to get at the store, the kids constant fighting, everyone wanting me to drop what I was doing and make them food, oh the list could go on!  I finally threw on my running shoes and went for a 50 minute run to clear my head, and when I can back I felt a bit more motivated to finish my prep.

IMAG2131 IMAG2130


How could you not be happier after a jog with there two?  I wore them out good 🙂

Some things I prepped Saturday:IMAG2122IMAG2123IMAG2124

From the top:  Paleo Banana Chip Bar, choco-flax bar, and Lemon Bar.  All are made with a date base.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making bars!!!


Paleo Granola.  In the mix:  almond, pecans, pumpkin seeds, coconut, and honey


Chicken Enchilada Soup.


Today’s Prep has went MUCH better.  It is extremely nice out, so the kids have stayed out from under my feet.  All I have left to assemble is hamburgers and meatballs.  I was a goober and left the venison I needed to grind in the fridge – and you can’t grind defrosted meat so it is chilling in the freezer.

Some of Sundays Prep:


Chicken Pot Pie – I have never frozen a whole pot pie or a grainless one at that, so I hope the crust holds together!


Jalapeno Pest0… I wanted to eat it straight out of the food processor!   ❤ it!!!


Man it is nice having this all (or close too) done!  I feel like I will be able to survive he next crazy month!!

The man of the house is working on his shop and then we are going to take the little men of the house fishing.   Since I am as done as I am going to get AND the house is clean… I think I am going to go for a run!!



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April Menu Planning & Today’s Eats

The past 2 days I have been non-stop planning… Even in my sleep.  I hate when I do that.  Yesterday morning started out with full birthday party planning.  The twins’ 5th birthday is in 2 weeks and I haven’t even thought too much about a party, so I got the bug yesterday morning and put a full game plan together (theme, decor, menu, cupcakes, and game) in 2 hrs!  Pretty dang good if I say so.

Then it was on to April meal planning.  This one took most of the day. Blah!  This next month and a half is going to be pure survival.  With soccer taking up pretty much every evening, garden work, and a few days of work a week I wanted most of my menu to be quick.  Yesterday I got my recipes together, shopping list, and planned my prep. This morning I took stock of the kitchen and got my coupons loaded on my Safeway card.  Then with one little man in tow (don’t know how I swung that), we were off to do some major bank account depletion…


This wasn’t even all of it!  There were 5 bags on the floor.  Why do you always run out of everything at once?  I was out of 6 spices this morning. Unheard of. Grocery bill: $225.

Today’s eats:

Breakfast: cherries with kefir and a fried egg.


Lunch: Larabar & kevita (grabbed both   while shopping)


The kevita was better than I expected it to be.  I’m not a big fan of coconut water.  It seems like it is going to be full flavor and bam.. nothing!  But the kevita was pretty good.

Dinner:  BBQ pulled venison on paleo tortillas topped with homemade guacamole


Freaking delicious!  …I’m a little obsessed with my kefir ranch lately as well. 

I got a bit of prepping done when I got home today.  Fruit and veggies cleaned and bagged, broccoli blanched and put in the freezer, and chicken sperated (i buy it in bulk).  Tomorrow is the start of my 2 day cook off.  By Sunday evening a month of meals will be tucked happily in my freezer!!  Bring on Sunday.