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The time I lost something in a public toilet

Yesterday morning was my first real 5k!  I went down and stayed at my moms Friday night so I didn’t have to get up and drive 2 and a half hours Saturday morning.  I didn’t have high expectation for the race as I was pmsing (tmi) and I am horribly anemic so I am pretty much out of breath just walking during this time of the month.  But.. I did it!  AND I was the 7th person to finish (it was a small race and probably more walkers than joggers) and with stopping to draw playing cards I finished in 38 minutes!  I didn’t win the poker hand, but that was to be expected!


My awesome and might I add super comfortable shirt! 

After the race I met my mom for lunch at Applebee’s….And that is were I lost my Sparkpeople activity tracker down the toilet ūüė¶ 


I loved my tracker.  It linked to my account and tracked my daily steps and any cardio.  I generally wear it on my shoe, but after the race I tossed on my sandles and hooked the tracker to my hip… Big mistake!!  I don’t even have to go through the senerio, we both know how it panned out.

The tracker is awesome and is a huge contribution to all my weightloss since January, but it has one flaw.  It isn’t wireless.  I was recently asked to do a questionnaire on Sparkpeople about the tracker and I pointed it out many times hoping other users did too.  Now I debate whether to purchase a new one or wait and see if a new wireless tracker comes out soon (I have a hunch that it will) but I am still bummed that it is gone! 
I have never loss anything in a toilet before! 

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Wednesday Weigh In & Eats

Good evening!  My morning kicked off at the butt crack of dawn… 4ish, after a horrible night with these adorable but finicky guys


Seriously how cute are they!?!  Loud but cute. 
After getting the oldest off to school, I


out.  30 minutes on the bicycle with some intense imaginary hills!  I started a sit up challenge 2 days ago and today I did 120. Holy Moly!  I should take a before and after of my stomach to see if there is any results…

After my workout I got busy planting a bit of the garden, washed the outside of the windows, and fertilized the berries &


.  Does 4 am agree w/ me or what!?!  No, no it doesn’t.  By my teams 5:30 game, I was pretty much a zombie! 
My weigh in was better than what I expected.


Monday morning I was at 16


!  No joke. I guess my two bad weeks caught up with me.  But I increased my water intake because I felt that was part of the problem

(I’m one of those people that can’t drink just 8 cups a day and last week I was lucky to drink 2), and hit the dirt running!  I can’t let it get me down! 

Todays eats:


Half Paleo English muffin with an egg & half avocado



Was leftover paleo chicken stir-fry w/ salad and coconut kefir ranch



Paleo English muffin w/ almond and honey.  Look @ the honey on there!!  I was feeling pretty shaky and irritable and this really helped. 



Sauerkraut w/ turkey sausage and salad

I just realized that I have a sunburn on my feet, arms, and lips…boo!  Time to find the sunscreen. 
I think I will put this day in the books and hit the hay!  

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Sunday Food Plan & Prep

I busted out some food prep & house cleaning today.  I feel extremely accomplished tonight and ready for this coming week of chaos.. which is the first time in at least a month!  I generally do a monthly food plan and do a crazy 3 day prep, get it all in the freezer, and buy stuff we need as we need it. Well I decided to spare myself the insanity this month and do a weekly prep. 

Food Plan:
Monday: venison roast
Tuesday: chicken & broccoli stir-fry
Wednesday: cube steak w/ cauliflower mash
Thursday: apricot glaze pork chops
Friday: chicken enchiladas
Saturday: sloppy Joes w/ fries
Sunday: BBQ chicken stuffed yams

Random pics from today:


Paleo tortillas for enchiladas


Paleo English muffins


I’m pretty sure that is the coolest beer logo ever! It was creepy awesome.


Three new members of the family- baby geese!  I’m so in love!!



Turkey burger on a paleo English muffin, yam fries, and homemade tartar sauce. 


Paleo lemon pound cake w/ blueberries & coconut whip cream. 

I was not impressed w/ my pound cake.  I need to hit the drawing board and try for a better recipe.  It smelt super lemony, but sadly it wasn’t…

I’m ready for the week are you?

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Thursday Weigh In & Eats

I completely forgot to weigh in yesterday morning! ¬†I was excited that my husband was off to work and I actually had the house semi to myself for the first time in 3 weeks, that it skipped my brain. ¬†These things happen. Last week was rough so I wasn’t expecting any good numbers to greet me this morning but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.



Yesterday’s Eats:

Breakfast:IMAG2263Fancy egg huh!?! ¬†I made it in my english muffin tin. For no reason other than I am special and deserve fancy eggs… or so I think. ¬†Banana with almond butter.



Shredded apple-onion chicken wrap with cucumber salad.  I have been playing around with the brown rice tortillas and up until I made this baby, I was not impressed with them at all.  You have to warm them up and as they cool they get hard and DRY, and then you have to choke them down with plenty of water.  This wrap stayed and pliable Рguess you just have to stuff them!



Smoothy? ¬†It is still considered a smoothy when there is no ice and it is more ¬†pureed coconut kefir, spinach, banana, and almond butter? ¬†I’m not sure but once it was all in the blender and I realized there was no ice in the empty trays in the freezer… there was no going back. ¬†It was was a super tasty and I honestly didn’t miss the brain freeze.

Dinner:  We met my sister, niece, and nephew for pizza.  I had a salad with shredded chicken and forgot to snap a pic.

Workout: Rest day

It is raining day around here today. ¬†It has been such a dry Spring that I can’t do too much complaining about pure rainy days. ¬†Yesterday we had one of those freak Spring rain storms – ya know, where it is all sunny and your about to take the laundry out to hang and it starts down pouring… ¬†Like sheets of rain you can’t see through and 5 minutes later it is done past and sunny again. ¬†I like those, but we desperately need some rain around here! ¬† I think I will hang out inside and make some seed tapes!

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Back to Friday…..



I don’t know why my niece¬†insisted I change before she would go¬†shopping with me? ¬†What a rockin’ outfit! ¬†Dress + workout clothes = Awesome! ( When I went to download that picture onto my computer I realized she had took this via snap-chat…. She’s dead!)

The past few days has been a WHIRL WIND! ¬†I need to go back to Friday…


Friday was the last day of my 100 day weight loss challenge on ¬†The last week I did a count down on my “palm pad” of how many days left – just as a daily reminder/motivator. ¬†I am fantastic at making goals, but I don’t always make it to the finish line, so I was really proud of myself for sticking with this challenge for 100 days and LOVING IT! ¬†It was actually 101 for me because I missed a day due to a migraine. ¬†So, what was the 100 day weight loss challenge?

spangleOur Spark Group followed Linda Spangle’s book 100 Day’s of Weight Loss. ¬†The book has simple daily motivators that you do each day for 100 days. ¬†It is broken down into 10 day blocks so it is not so overwhelming; ¬†touching basis on eating habits, emotional habits, fighting triggers and negative thought patterns, all helping lead to a long term successful diet plan. ¬†What I really liked about this book is that anyone can use it. ¬†Weather you are going to a gym, carb counting, weight watcher, or doing NutriSystem you can follow this book! ¬†Also, it doesn’t take much time. ¬†It had become a welcomed part of my daily morning routine: get up, get coffee, sit down with my book and my “magic journal”. ¬†And of course you can keep doing the 100 days over and over again, as I am! ¬† My goal was to loose 18lbs during the challenge and I lost 20.6 so I am pretty happy about that!!!

Also Friday was the Twin’s 5th Birthday! ¬†How stinking cute are they!?!?!FSCN0514

How fast time goes by. ¬†Although I love the chapter of life we are in, at moments I miss the chaos, sleeplessness, and life with 2 babies and a young toddle. ¬†Those mere moments pass quickly when I am now busy separating fights and pleading with them to do their chores…. ¬†awe life!

My weekend was crazy busy getting ready for their party on Sunday.  I was able to squeeze in a run before the party, but my eating habits were all over the place.  This week is back on track!



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Running, Gardening, & Food

Good afternoon! Yesterday started bright early.  I was out on my run by 8 am!  That is unheard of, but with these warmer days I realize my 11 am run is going to be way too hot in a few weeks.  My jog went fabulous!  I ran for 31 minutes straight!!!  *my goal was 30 min*

I’ve also been working feverishly in the garden..


Shoveled out 2 truck loads of manure ALL BY MYSELF!¬† It makes me so excited for the growing season ūüôā because that means food!¬† And food makes me so happy!

Speaking of food, let’s get to my eats yesterday:

Breakfast: fried egg w/ banana and almond butter


Lunch: more egg salad.. it just hits the spot!


Dinner:  was brilliant on my part!  I threw chicken breast, onions, bell peppers, coconut milk, ground ginger, curry, a bit of water in my dutch oven and tossed it in the oven @ 300 degrees.  When I got back from soccer I made up some cauliflower rice and dove in!



I have so much to do to get ready for the twins birthday party on Sunday. Sometimes I don’t know why I torture myself with such tasks?!? …Love. it is all for love.¬†

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Running For A Cause {Virtual 5k}

I lost my grandpa a few weeks back to Lymphoma. ¬†Being 2,467 miles away (I totally Google mapped that) it was difficult to process what was going on back east, to say our goodbyes and so on. ¬†Yesterday morning I came upon a virtual race that instantly caught my attention: ¬†This Chick Love To Run (for a cure) all profits go to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society via!! ¬†(link to sign up for her virtual race¬†here) I honestly couldn’t wait to see the register button and the bottom and didn’t hesitate a moment to sign up! ¬†I feel like running for this will help my grieving process to begin… it may be a tearful 5k and I am okay with that. IMAG2189 ¬† I printed my bib the instant it came to my email! ¬†131 was my mailing address for 20 years of my life… coincidence? ¬†Also the location of many summer fun filled days with my grandpa… I kid you not! ¬†It is the little things people. I have scheduled myself to run the This Chick Loves to Run for April 18th and I encourage you to head to her site and sign up as well. ¬†It is for a great cause… and ya the metals are pretty damn adorable too!!! Yesterday’s Eats: Breakfast: ¬†Bacon egg scramble in a paleo tortilla with apple slices. IMAG2173 Lunch: ¬†Egg salad with sprouts on paleo tortillas with a banana IMAG2181 I effing LOVE egg salad. ¬†My mom’s is the BEST!! ¬†When I was pregnant with the twins, she would leave some in her fridge so I could stop by and eat¬†a sandwich¬† the whole container. ¬†I always ask her what she puts in it to make it so tasty and when I make it at home it is never the same… but I still love it! Snack: ¬†Cherry-chip smoothy with coconut milk¬†IMAG2182 Dinner: ¬†Venison backstrap steak on Paleo tortillas with sprouts and a sweet potato. IMAG2183 See a theme here with the Paleo tortillas? ¬†I won’t be having any today. ¬†Also a lot of yellow… Yesterday’s Workout(s): My morning started out with a 40 minute run.


accompanied me for about a mile


Even G decided to come along. Or maybe he was looking for mice.

Worked in the garden for an hour and a half. ¬†What a workout in its self! THEN I met my friend at the school track last night and after we discovered that the gates were locked we found a road that was all up hill and took us to the far out depths of town.. which ended at an orchard.. in this town? NO WAY! ¬†It was a great workout and our goal is to run to be able to run up hill to the orchard at some point. IMAG2176 I’m really sore today and need to finish the garden because we are getting manure this evening so today will be a rest day for sure!

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Wednesday weigh in

Today was uber productive!¬† I busted out an awesome 45 min run, weeded/tilled part of the garden, rocked soccer practice, did 3 loads of laundry (folded and put away)…. And now with a full belly I’m toast!¬†¬†
This is all good for me because I am a horrible procrastinator. 


…Or the day after that! Really, no hurry.

My eats:
Breakfast: paleo granola with coconut milk.


Lunch: Fried egg on top of a yam with sprouts.


I was so hungry by this point that I ate a bunch of grapes while my egg cooked.¬† I hate when I get that hungry…

Snack: banana chip granola bar with my leftover coffee


Dinner:  grain free chicken pot pie, spinach salad with homemade Italian dressing.


This is the pot pie I was worried about freezing (now I question why I bothered freezing it when we ate it so soon). It froze great, defrosted awesome, warmed up fabulous… Crumbled on cutting! That’s grainless crust for ya. It was a bit dry – note to self add more liquid next time!

My workout:
I already said that I went for a 45 minute run, but what I didn’t mention is that I had some company… Kids!¬† The little men of the house accompanied me.¬† One twin made it to the end of the driveway, and the other 2 did about a mile.¬†


If you have acreage you gotta get a Great Pyrenees!¬† Best dogs ever. Pain in a ass (stubborn), but worth it!¬† I don’t have to say anything he just stays with them.

Weigh in:
Drum roll….


Hellooo 162-Ville….¬†¬†

Alrighty, that’s all folks. My bed is screaming to me.¬† Haha! It’s 8pm – I’m oldish!¬†

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Today’s randomness…

Man I am BEAT!  Working the last two days, keeping up with the house, and soccer has me sleeping like a lamb chop at night!  Lets get to it.

Today’s eats

Breakfast: ¬†Egg frittata… I’m not a fan! ¬†Go figure. ¬†I at like 3 bites of this.


Lunch:  Tuna on Paleo tortilla.  DELICIOUS!!!


Dinner: ¬†Salad from the pizza place with chicken and homemade honey mustard. ¬†I was so hungry I was telling myself out loud to SLOW DOWN!! ¬†I feared I may choke when my personal pep talks weren’t working! ¬†No pic because my damn phone is once again dying… or because I scarfed it so fast I forgot to take a pic. You decide.

Snack:  Cup-O-Coconut Kefir


Today’s workout:

30 on my ancient elliptical. ¬†Good music was on Pandora THANK GOD… ¬†My legs are sore from my run yesterday. ¬†Speaking of running; I changed up my running routine yesterday. ¬†I ran for 5 minutes walked for 1 for a total of 5 rounds! I wanted to die and I almost talked myself out of the last round, but I sucked it up and I was glad that I did!

I think I have mastered the Paleo Tortilla:

3 eggs

1.5 TBS almond flour

1 TBS coconut flour

1 tsp arrowroot

pinch of salt

Place all ingredients in a bowl or measuring cup with spout.  Using a stick blender, blend until smmmoooth!  Get a pan hot, then turn down to low, lightly oil and pour round delicious tortillas on pan to your desired size.  Let cook for 1 minute flip and cook 20-30 seconds on second side.

Ya Baby!  Simple. Delicious!

I’m off to bed… to do it all again tomorrow!

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Weigh in Wednesday & My First Virtual 5K

First off (and most excitedly) I ran my first virtual 5k tonight!!!! ¬†I signed up for it about a month ago on¬†(Don’t have an account? GET ONE!!).¬† It started off rough… I really felt yesterdays imaginary hills from my cycling, and at many times considered stopping and trying it in a day or two. BUT, I trumped on and I’m so happy that I did! ¬†My time was amazing @ 38.09, but I ran it at the track and there is no exhausting hills to compete with so I am sure that helped. ¬†I am very proud of myself and I love seeing the progress I have made!!!

1 mi 11:41 min/mi 00:11:41
2 mi 12:07 min/mi 00:12:06
3 mi 12:50 min/mi 00:12:48
3.1 mi 12:39 min/mi 00:01:20


I’m pretty sure that 11:41 minutes is the best mile I have ever ran! ¬†And Look! ¬† even gave me a virtual trophy ūüôā

Weigh In:



Wow… this is really going to keep me accountable! ¬†That is -2.6 from last week ūüôā


My Eats:

Breakfast:  Cherries with Coconut Kefir and a fried egg.


Cherries with Kefir is AMAZING!  Now that I have discovered this, I am sure I will use all my jars of canned cherries before there are cherry buds on the trees.

Lunch:  Leftover meatballs and brussels sprouts with cauliflower rice


Dinner: ¬†I pulsed 2 deli slices of turkey pastrami with a bit of sauerkraut and put it in 2 romaine lettuce leafs and topped with spice ¬† ¬† ¬† brown mustard. ¬† It is a good combo with a unique texture that I was in the mood for. ¬†I’m odd. At least I admit it.


Snacks:  drip coffee and a Chocolate chip Larabar (that totally rocked!)


A little while after dinner and of course when my kids were in bed I wanted some chocolate (who? me?) ¬†so I whipped up a banana-almond smoothy with a tbs of cocoa powder. ¬†My blender SUCKS! The smoothy was good… ¬†My stupid blender is ridiculously loud and it has to blend for 23 minutes, gets hotter than crap, AND it still doesn’t get all the ice!!!!! ¬†GRRR… people with Ninja Blenders don’t have that problem…. I needs to get me a Ninja!



It is almost the end of the month so tomorrow will be menu planning galore!!!