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Back to Friday…..



I don’t know why my niece insisted I change before she would go shopping with me?  What a rockin’ outfit!  Dress + workout clothes = Awesome! ( When I went to download that picture onto my computer I realized she had took this via snap-chat…. She’s dead!)

The past few days has been a WHIRL WIND!  I need to go back to Friday…


Friday was the last day of my 100 day weight loss challenge on  The last week I did a count down on my “palm pad” of how many days left – just as a daily reminder/motivator.  I am fantastic at making goals, but I don’t always make it to the finish line, so I was really proud of myself for sticking with this challenge for 100 days and LOVING IT!  It was actually 101 for me because I missed a day due to a migraine.  So, what was the 100 day weight loss challenge?

spangleOur Spark Group followed Linda Spangle’s book 100 Day’s of Weight Loss.  The book has simple daily motivators that you do each day for 100 days.  It is broken down into 10 day blocks so it is not so overwhelming;  touching basis on eating habits, emotional habits, fighting triggers and negative thought patterns, all helping lead to a long term successful diet plan.  What I really liked about this book is that anyone can use it.  Weather you are going to a gym, carb counting, weight watcher, or doing NutriSystem you can follow this book!  Also, it doesn’t take much time.  It had become a welcomed part of my daily morning routine: get up, get coffee, sit down with my book and my “magic journal”.  And of course you can keep doing the 100 days over and over again, as I am!   My goal was to loose 18lbs during the challenge and I lost 20.6 so I am pretty happy about that!!!

Also Friday was the Twin’s 5th Birthday!  How stinking cute are they!?!?!FSCN0514

How fast time goes by.  Although I love the chapter of life we are in, at moments I miss the chaos, sleeplessness, and life with 2 babies and a young toddle.  Those mere moments pass quickly when I am now busy separating fights and pleading with them to do their chores….  awe life!

My weekend was crazy busy getting ready for their party on Sunday.  I was able to squeeze in a run before the party, but my eating habits were all over the place.  This week is back on track!