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Thursday Eats & Headbands

OH MY GOODNESS IT IS FRIDAY!!!!  I’m so excited for the weekend and I’m really not sure why?  School is almost out and by this time of they year I am done with school – dropping off, picking up, packing lunch, reading letters, and fighting Zion to do his spelling words!  So glad it is almost done.  I’m sure Z is too.

I tackled the garden yesterday and cleaned the weeds and finished planting things I had been putting off.  It rained, and the wind blew, but I was already misrable that it only seemed fitting.  Pulling weeds (or anything in the bent postion)  sucks when your ulcer is bleeding.  But I trucked through, and on this beautiful Friday morning I looked out my window and was thankful I did!

Yesterday’s Eats:



I went soft on my gut with toast with almond butter and bananas.  It didn’t really hold up with all the gardening so by lunch I was starving.



I was so hungry I didn’t even bother warming it up the leftover Thai Chicken with yams!



By dinner I was so exhausted that I just wanted FOOD!  Tacos. One with ground turkey, the other with leftover Thai Chicken.  I found a jar of homemade ketcup and I poured it on my taco.  My husband thinks I’m nuts for putting ketchup on my taco (and frowns that I started the boys on it),  but it taste good to me!  I don’t do it as often –  I have a grown up palate now 😉  but I needed the salt  last night!


Tonight kicks off our towns Founder’s Day Weekend and tomorrow morning is a 5k fun run the local Lion’s Club is putting on.  This morning I decided to go for a run just to see how my stomach would hold up.  My plan was 1 mile, see how I felt and go from there….  I made it a 1/2 mile turned around and headed for home. Nothing like running with what feels like a hot iron prod under your breast bone!   I don’t have high hopes for running the 5k tomorrow, but that is okay.  I will do my best!


Check out my new headband from Sweaty Bands… please don’t check out my sweaty forehead!  I have been hearing a lot of good things about these no slip headbands and snagged this one on Amazon.  LOVE IT!!!   This one is a little loud for me, I was thinking it would be good for the color runs I’m registered for this summer.  Check them out!


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The time I lost something in a public toilet

Yesterday morning was my first real 5k!  I went down and stayed at my moms Friday night so I didn’t have to get up and drive 2 and a half hours Saturday morning.  I didn’t have high expectation for the race as I was pmsing (tmi) and I am horribly anemic so I am pretty much out of breath just walking during this time of the month.  But.. I did it!  AND I was the 7th person to finish (it was a small race and probably more walkers than joggers) and with stopping to draw playing cards I finished in 38 minutes!  I didn’t win the poker hand, but that was to be expected!


My awesome and might I add super comfortable shirt! 

After the race I met my mom for lunch at Applebee’s….And that is were I lost my Sparkpeople activity tracker down the toilet 😦 


I loved my tracker.  It linked to my account and tracked my daily steps and any cardio.  I generally wear it on my shoe, but after the race I tossed on my sandles and hooked the tracker to my hip… Big mistake!!  I don’t even have to go through the senerio, we both know how it panned out.

The tracker is awesome and is a huge contribution to all my weightloss since January, but it has one flaw.  It isn’t wireless.  I was recently asked to do a questionnaire on Sparkpeople about the tracker and I pointed it out many times hoping other users did too.  Now I debate whether to purchase a new one or wait and see if a new wireless tracker comes out soon (I have a hunch that it will) but I am still bummed that it is gone! 
I have never loss anything in a toilet before! 

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Running For A Cause {Virtual 5k}

I lost my grandpa a few weeks back to Lymphoma.  Being 2,467 miles away (I totally Google mapped that) it was difficult to process what was going on back east, to say our goodbyes and so on.  Yesterday morning I came upon a virtual race that instantly caught my attention:  This Chick Love To Run (for a cure) all profits go to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society via!!  (link to sign up for her virtual race here) I honestly couldn’t wait to see the register button and the bottom and didn’t hesitate a moment to sign up!  I feel like running for this will help my grieving process to begin… it may be a tearful 5k and I am okay with that. IMAG2189   I printed my bib the instant it came to my email!  131 was my mailing address for 20 years of my life… coincidence?  Also the location of many summer fun filled days with my grandpa… I kid you not!  It is the little things people. I have scheduled myself to run the This Chick Loves to Run for April 18th and I encourage you to head to her site and sign up as well.  It is for a great cause… and ya the metals are pretty damn adorable too!!! Yesterday’s Eats: Breakfast:  Bacon egg scramble in a paleo tortilla with apple slices. IMAG2173 Lunch:  Egg salad with sprouts on paleo tortillas with a banana IMAG2181 I effing LOVE egg salad.  My mom’s is the BEST!!  When I was pregnant with the twins, she would leave some in her fridge so I could stop by and eat a sandwich  the whole container.  I always ask her what she puts in it to make it so tasty and when I make it at home it is never the same… but I still love it! Snack:  Cherry-chip smoothy with coconut milk IMAG2182 Dinner:  Venison backstrap steak on Paleo tortillas with sprouts and a sweet potato. IMAG2183 See a theme here with the Paleo tortillas?  I won’t be having any today.  Also a lot of yellow… Yesterday’s Workout(s): My morning started out with a 40 minute run.


accompanied me for about a mile


Even G decided to come along. Or maybe he was looking for mice.

Worked in the garden for an hour and a half.  What a workout in its self! THEN I met my friend at the school track last night and after we discovered that the gates were locked we found a road that was all up hill and took us to the far out depths of town.. which ended at an orchard.. in this town? NO WAY!  It was a great workout and our goal is to run to be able to run up hill to the orchard at some point. IMAG2176 I’m really sore today and need to finish the garden because we are getting manure this evening so today will be a rest day for sure!

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Weigh in Wednesday & My First Virtual 5K

First off (and most excitedly) I ran my first virtual 5k tonight!!!!  I signed up for it about a month ago on (Don’t have an account? GET ONE!!).  It started off rough… I really felt yesterdays imaginary hills from my cycling, and at many times considered stopping and trying it in a day or two. BUT, I trumped on and I’m so happy that I did!  My time was amazing @ 38.09, but I ran it at the track and there is no exhausting hills to compete with so I am sure that helped.  I am very proud of myself and I love seeing the progress I have made!!!

1 mi 11:41 min/mi 00:11:41
2 mi 12:07 min/mi 00:12:06
3 mi 12:50 min/mi 00:12:48
3.1 mi 12:39 min/mi 00:01:20


I’m pretty sure that 11:41 minutes is the best mile I have ever ran!  And Look! even gave me a virtual trophy 🙂

Weigh In:



Wow… this is really going to keep me accountable!  That is -2.6 from last week 🙂


My Eats:

Breakfast:  Cherries with Coconut Kefir and a fried egg.


Cherries with Kefir is AMAZING!  Now that I have discovered this, I am sure I will use all my jars of canned cherries before there are cherry buds on the trees.

Lunch:  Leftover meatballs and brussels sprouts with cauliflower rice


Dinner:  I pulsed 2 deli slices of turkey pastrami with a bit of sauerkraut and put it in 2 romaine lettuce leafs and topped with spice       brown mustard.   It is a good combo with a unique texture that I was in the mood for.  I’m odd. At least I admit it.


Snacks:  drip coffee and a Chocolate chip Larabar (that totally rocked!)


A little while after dinner and of course when my kids were in bed I wanted some chocolate (who? me?)  so I whipped up a banana-almond smoothy with a tbs of cocoa powder.  My blender SUCKS! The smoothy was good…  My stupid blender is ridiculously loud and it has to blend for 23 minutes, gets hotter than crap, AND it still doesn’t get all the ice!!!!!  GRRR… people with Ninja Blenders don’t have that problem…. I needs to get me a Ninja!



It is almost the end of the month so tomorrow will be menu planning galore!!!

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Does that sound right? Sounds right in my head…  So I have been so unmotivated and I’m not even going to step on the scale to see the damage, but I need a kick in the pants for motivation.  The night before last I stumbled across a marathon training sight.  It happen to have a 5k training program too so I stewed overnight in my head about training.  I am not a runner, it is not my favorite thing in the world, but damn it feels good when it is done!  Also, I suck at reaching my goals, so I thought instead of making my 8 wk training plan my goal to complete, making the 5k (which I will register and pay for) be more of the goal.  See my thought is if I pay for the 5K I will be more apt to train (Evil Laugh- MAHHAHA).  So I set up my own training program – busted out Word and made it all official with a printed sheet hooked to my fridge – see the motivation!  Yet I am so unmotivated to start…. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?!?!  It’s extremely frustrating when I feel this way.  I’m excited to get started, but the motivation slacks.  The 5K I chose is  The Zombie Run in Seattle August 17th – that is a ways away, and there is another one in June shortly after I finish my 8 wks training; I may sign up for that one but it is 7.5 hrs away from my house – I mapquested it 🙂  But it is by Mount St. Helens so that could be a fun educational stop for my 3 little monkeys!

Sadly while looking for 5k’s to sign up for, I bumped into the news about the Boston Marathon bombing.  How Heartbreaking ~My heart goes out to EVERYONE!  A big thank you to all the loving people and volunteers who stepped up and helped everyone in need!   Such a sad day for such a joyous occasion….