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Thursday Weigh In & Eats

I completely forgot to weigh in yesterday morning!  I was excited that my husband was off to work and I actually had the house semi to myself for the first time in 3 weeks, that it skipped my brain.  These things happen. Last week was rough so I wasn’t expecting any good numbers to greet me this morning but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.



Yesterday’s Eats:

Breakfast:IMAG2263Fancy egg huh!?!  I made it in my english muffin tin. For no reason other than I am special and deserve fancy eggs… or so I think.  Banana with almond butter.



Shredded apple-onion chicken wrap with cucumber salad.  I have been playing around with the brown rice tortillas and up until I made this baby, I was not impressed with them at all.  You have to warm them up and as they cool they get hard and DRY, and then you have to choke them down with plenty of water.  This wrap stayed and pliable – guess you just have to stuff them!



Smoothy?  It is still considered a smoothy when there is no ice and it is more  pureed coconut kefir, spinach, banana, and almond butter?  I’m not sure but once it was all in the blender and I realized there was no ice in the empty trays in the freezer… there was no going back.  It was was a super tasty and I honestly didn’t miss the brain freeze.

Dinner:  We met my sister, niece, and nephew for pizza.  I had a salad with shredded chicken and forgot to snap a pic.

Workout: Rest day

It is raining day around here today.  It has been such a dry Spring that I can’t do too much complaining about pure rainy days.  Yesterday we had one of those freak Spring rain storms – ya know, where it is all sunny and your about to take the laundry out to hang and it starts down pouring…  Like sheets of rain you can’t see through and 5 minutes later it is done past and sunny again.  I like those, but we desperately need some rain around here!   I think I will hang out inside and make some seed tapes!