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Oh I was so scared….


Found this is the bottom of my purse while shuffling crap from one ugly purse to the next.  I need a new purse.  I have purse envy of others.  I’am actually surprised it survived a week and a half in the bottom of my purse without being devoured early on… especially with chocolate in the title.  I tried a bite and the little men of the house divided and concurred the rest.  


Yesterday Eats:

Breakfast:  Spaghetti squash egg scramble and cherries


Lunch:  Spaghetti squash spaghetti, romaine lettuce, and cauliflower with coconut kefir ranch


Dinner:  Venison taco cups with Spanish “rice” <—- Cauliflower rice


I kind of threw the spanish cauliflower rice together.  I was worried it might get too moist with the tomatoes, but throwing it under Broil for 12 minutes really helped evaporate a lot of the moisture, leaving a nice fluffy rice.  Sometimes I surprise myself!  

Snack: Cherry-coco bar w/ a much needed cup of joe



Yesterdays Workout:

Okay, so yesterday was suppose to be my rest day, but I had to go to a soccer coach meeting at the school (eek! I’m coaching soccer! eek! I’m coaching my own kids!)  On my way there I decided if it wasn’t too late I would hit the track and do a quick mile run (not informing the man of the house of my plans).  We got done a little after 7 and it was daylight enough so I decided to go ahead with my plan.  Then of course on my way to the track my phone died so I threw it on the charger and jumped out for my quick run.   Now as I was running my mind began wondering and the sun began fading… it then dawned on my that if anyone attacked me, I broke my ankle, had a heart attack… I DIDN’T HAVE A PHONE!



I kept running and finished my mile (looking behind me because I was more worried about an attacker than a broken ankle), had a minor panic attack when I got back to my truck and thought I locked the keys inside (along with my phone) and breathed a sign of relief when I was safely inside with the doors locked… it was an exhausting mile to say the least. Maybe I shouldn’t randomly decided to do workouts on my rest days… 

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We seem to have a touch of a stomach bug hitting our house.  Thank god it isn’t one that last long, but really nothing I wanted to have this week.  Yesterday not only came with the flu, but news that my grandpa in WV had passed away… we knew it was coming, and he is no longer in pain, and for that I am grateful!

Yesterday Eats:

Breakfast:  Paleo Oatmeal turned pancake with almond butter


I threw it in the pan to make some Paleo oatmeal and it turned into a pancake… a delicious mistake!

Lunch : Leftover elk steak and pesto on spaghetti squash with baby carrots


I ❤ jalapeno pesto!

Dinner : Pecan Stuffed Chicken, sweet potato cake, and salad made with coconut kefir ranch


Snack: cherry – chocolate smoothy



I also made some cherry-chocolate paleo bars for my little rockstars for lunch this week.. guess I was in a mood for a cherry- chocolate combo yesterday!  I also made grain free Chocolate Banana Muffins… but sadly the men in the house devoured them straight out of the oven.  Growing men they are.  IMAG2083


Yesterday Workout:

My plan was to do some strengthening at home so when Blaze woke up sick, it set that in stone.  Once he finally fell asleep I got busy!


IMAG2077I Decided to do a WOD that I haven’t done since last fall:

12 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

10 – lunges with 25# plate (obviously I only used 10 – what a pussy I am!)

15 – air squats

20 – speed skaters

10 – tuck jumps

In 12 minutes I did 4.5 rounds, and holy crap and I feeling it in my legs today!!!!  Of course I couldn’t find what my records from last fall to see how many rounds I could do, but I have an inkling that they haven’t improved 🙂  I’m going to add a weekly WOD to my workout from now on.