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5 days left…

Why do I have a 5 on my hand?  Because yesterday I had a 6… And I’m not telling until day 0.  Cruel.


Yesterday I was a slug.  I didn’t do crap!  I was so sore that a rest day was in order, but I was super unmotivated.  I did however score a Garmin forerunner 110 for a good deal (because shopping online is laziness acceptable).  Now I can’t wait for it to come!!  This was my 10lb present because yesterday I climbed on the scale and I was 162 on the dot! 

Yesterday’s Eats:
Breakfast: fried egg on speghetti squash and a banana w/ almond butter


Lunch: egg salad on lettuce w/ sprouts and an apple


Dinner: homemade pizza – jenni-o turkey sauasage w/ sundried tomatoes, and non- dairy cheese.


It was nice to finally have something to hold my toppings on my crust! 


It had a good flavor too.  Even The Man of The House liked it.

Now I need to bust some garden work out today… I love when I put stuff off and then panic when it comes down to the wire. Living on the edge.