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Running, Gardening, & Food

Good afternoon! Yesterday started bright early.  I was out on my run by 8 am!  That is unheard of, but with these warmer days I realize my 11 am run is going to be way too hot in a few weeks.  My jog went fabulous!  I ran for 31 minutes straight!!!  *my goal was 30 min*

I’ve also been working feverishly in the garden..


Shoveled out 2 truck loads of manure ALL BY MYSELF!  It makes me so excited for the growing season 🙂 because that means food!  And food makes me so happy!

Speaking of food, let’s get to my eats yesterday:

Breakfast: fried egg w/ banana and almond butter


Lunch: more egg salad.. it just hits the spot!


Dinner:  was brilliant on my part!  I threw chicken breast, onions, bell peppers, coconut milk, ground ginger, curry, a bit of water in my dutch oven and tossed it in the oven @ 300 degrees.  When I got back from soccer I made up some cauliflower rice and dove in!



I have so much to do to get ready for the twins birthday party on Sunday. Sometimes I don’t know why I torture myself with such tasks?!? …Love. it is all for love.