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April Prep

Yesterday’s food prep started out so promising.  But by afternoon I was fed up… fed up with things I had forgotten to get at the store, the kids constant fighting, everyone wanting me to drop what I was doing and make them food, oh the list could go on!  I finally threw on my running shoes and went for a 50 minute run to clear my head, and when I can back I felt a bit more motivated to finish my prep.

IMAG2131 IMAG2130


How could you not be happier after a jog with there two?  I wore them out good 🙂

Some things I prepped Saturday:IMAG2122IMAG2123IMAG2124

From the top:  Paleo Banana Chip Bar, choco-flax bar, and Lemon Bar.  All are made with a date base.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making bars!!!


Paleo Granola.  In the mix:  almond, pecans, pumpkin seeds, coconut, and honey


Chicken Enchilada Soup.


Today’s Prep has went MUCH better.  It is extremely nice out, so the kids have stayed out from under my feet.  All I have left to assemble is hamburgers and meatballs.  I was a goober and left the venison I needed to grind in the fridge – and you can’t grind defrosted meat so it is chilling in the freezer.

Some of Sundays Prep:


Chicken Pot Pie – I have never frozen a whole pot pie or a grainless one at that, so I hope the crust holds together!


Jalapeno Pest0… I wanted to eat it straight out of the food processor!   ❤ it!!!


Man it is nice having this all (or close too) done!  I feel like I will be able to survive he next crazy month!!

The man of the house is working on his shop and then we are going to take the little men of the house fishing.   Since I am as done as I am going to get AND the house is clean… I think I am going to go for a run!!