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Running For A Cause {Virtual 5k}

I lost my grandpa a few weeks back to Lymphoma.  Being 2,467 miles away (I totally Google mapped that) it was difficult to process what was going on back east, to say our goodbyes and so on.  Yesterday morning I came upon a virtual race that instantly caught my attention:  This Chick Love To Run (for a cure) all profits go to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society via!!  (link to sign up for her virtual race here) I honestly couldn’t wait to see the register button and the bottom and didn’t hesitate a moment to sign up!  I feel like running for this will help my grieving process to begin… it may be a tearful 5k and I am okay with that. IMAG2189   I printed my bib the instant it came to my email!  131 was my mailing address for 20 years of my life… coincidence?  Also the location of many summer fun filled days with my grandpa… I kid you not!  It is the little things people. I have scheduled myself to run the This Chick Loves to Run for April 18th and I encourage you to head to her site and sign up as well.  It is for a great cause… and ya the metals are pretty damn adorable too!!! Yesterday’s Eats: Breakfast:  Bacon egg scramble in a paleo tortilla with apple slices. IMAG2173 Lunch:  Egg salad with sprouts on paleo tortillas with a banana IMAG2181 I effing LOVE egg salad.  My mom’s is the BEST!!  When I was pregnant with the twins, she would leave some in her fridge so I could stop by and eat a sandwich  the whole container.  I always ask her what she puts in it to make it so tasty and when I make it at home it is never the same… but I still love it! Snack:  Cherry-chip smoothy with coconut milk IMAG2182 Dinner:  Venison backstrap steak on Paleo tortillas with sprouts and a sweet potato. IMAG2183 See a theme here with the Paleo tortillas?  I won’t be having any today.  Also a lot of yellow… Yesterday’s Workout(s): My morning started out with a 40 minute run.


accompanied me for about a mile


Even G decided to come along. Or maybe he was looking for mice.

Worked in the garden for an hour and a half.  What a workout in its self! THEN I met my friend at the school track last night and after we discovered that the gates were locked we found a road that was all up hill and took us to the far out depths of town.. which ended at an orchard.. in this town? NO WAY!  It was a great workout and our goal is to run to be able to run up hill to the orchard at some point. IMAG2176 I’m really sore today and need to finish the garden because we are getting manure this evening so today will be a rest day for sure!