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Back with some Virtual Races

I have been MIA the past few weeks.  I am sorry!  I have to admit, posting on this blog keeps me on track so I cannot let life take me off course, because I am not going to lie… I have been a bit off course!I have still been running.  In fact I did a 5K trail run yesterday, and I have a 5k next Saturday as well.  But my eating has been WAY WAY WAY off course and I am bound to get on track this week.

So to catch up on a few things.  Soccer is over!!!!  We survived.   My garden is not 😦  …maybe it is just in that ugly faze, but I swear the weeds are doing awesome!!  I have been playing sergeant mother to 3 baby kittens that were found at work.  They barely had their eyes open and near death and now they are starting to play and are doing great.  We got 20 turkeys and now we only have 11 😦  that was sad & a waste of money….  hmm… guess that gets you caught up in my world!

Yesterdays Race review:

I ran the Mazama 5K.  Mazama is a little town in the Methow Valley in Washington and people from all over the state & Canada came to participate.  It is gorgeous, with tons of places to hike, run, bike ride, and rock climb. Unfortunately, I felt like crap… just like all the stuff I have been shoving in my pie hole this last week.  I seriously even had a hard time enjoying myself I was in such misery.  You know that whole rule – never do anything new on race day?  Yeah, it is a rule for a reason!  A rule in which stubborn Amber learned the hard way.  I already felt like crap, and just before the start of the race I took a “Cliff Shot” that was offered at the start line – never having one before and was curious.  Not even 5 minutes into the run my stomach started burning like I had just took a shot of tequila.  I ran the first mile and a half no problem, just kind of questioning what was going down in my gut.  The mile and a half back I had to walk multiple times due to nausea and a horrific side ache – I haven’t had a side ache in MONTHS!  I pasted through the finish line at 41:18 according to their time.  Blah!  That is horrible.  I hit the truck for some water and was ready to leave ASAP. We stopped in Winthrop, a town a few miles away for breakfast.  The Mazama run offered an all you can eat pancake breakfast, but spending my entire race cursing myself for eating french bead the day before I was not about to go eat pancakes.  At about mile 2 I vowed/promised my stomach that I would get back to my paleo diet immediately!!!  All in all it was a good race, and I hope next year to run the 10K.  Train. Train. Train!


Boys after their 1k – in which Sully (R) cheated or took what he called “an awesome shortcut” passing most of the kids!


Coming in HOT! So nice having the kids at the finish line!! ❤

Other Races:

Midsummer Sun Kilomathon via No Heels Just Sneakers.  This is a virtual all month of June race.  You can sign up to do a 5k, 10k or 30k. I signed up to do a 30k.  The cost is $25.00 and you will receive AMAZING bling!

Another race I signed up for is Moon Joggers Voyage to Venus.  This is a year long logging of your running miles in hopes that everyones combined miles will reach the miles to Venus (maybe even back).  Also, each month they offer virtual races that come with BLING & STICKERS!  Added Bonus if you are signed up for the Voyage to Venus you get a 20% discount on virtual races 😉 This is a great motivator and their back story is pretty bitchin’!  Check out their site!

I also decided I really really really want to start training for Iron Girl 2015!  1/3 Mile Swim, 12 Mile Bike Ride, 3 Mile Run.  It will be tough but I like to pretend I’m tough.  I’m not really worried about the running(other than I need to boost up my speed), or the biking, but the swimming will be difficult.  There is no year long pools up here except for at one hotel.. and I doubt they would let me train there.  It just seems so fun & challenging!!!  Thoughts?

Anyway,  if you are into running/wanting to run check out the site above & get signed up!