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Happy Belated Mother’s day!

My mom showed up Saturday afternoon just to turn around and leave at 6 AM Sunday so she could go break someone <— She said she was breaker I just read between the lines OR just make up what I think sounds cool.

Needless to say the house was hopping at 6 AM and after watching the end of Cabin In The Woods (really? I’m not sure why I even started it) I thought it was going to be a low-key day. Either that or I was pouting because no one said Happy Mother’s Day to me – that is to be expected in a house of boys.   Apparently though, a quick trip to Home Depot was in order to buy more plants for our flower beds- we were back and done planting by 9:45. Then I nonchalantly suggested we go for a drive in the woods for Mother’s Day…… then it was 5 minutes of:  “Happy Mother’s Day – I love you mommy” all around.   SERIOUSLY!!!!

Our trip to the woods started by stopping at the store to grab sandwich making supplies.  I bought strawberries too….  The sign said {2/$2.89} to me I read two for the price of $2.89  but I guess I was supposed to know that meant 2 lbs for $2.89…..  and when I told the girl that they should change the sign she acted as if it meant perfect sense!  I’m going to guess she made the idiotic sign.  The strawberries tasted like fertilizer!  Damn my body for craving strawberries before mine are ready!

The trip was great except for the kids – shoot me I’m aware it was mother’s day, but you can only handle “your grandma baconheimer”… “no you are”  for so FREAKING long!  We got them out and made them hike as much as possible.  The water was really high and furiously fast at places so I of course was a nut case!  KIDS+WATER=NUT CASE MOM!!!!

Getting to the good part:


Baklava for desert!  ……I won’t lie I was tempted to drizzle chocolate sauce on top.  How good would that be!?!?  But in all honesty letting this little gem melt in my mouth with no screaming kids was the BEST part of my Mother’s Day!!!!!