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What I ate on Monday

Good Morning!  Did you sleep well?  I did, and that is the first in 3 nights.  The man of the house is off to work for the rest of the week, so the kiddos and I are flying solo.  I am pretty jazzed this morning – not because my husband is gone, but in general.  The past few days have felt hopeless:  running is over, hike season is canned, etc, etc.  But this morning I see the light!!!!  I am going to stop the pity party, and work through this.  I know I said this all yesterday… but the pain was horrible yesterday, and all day long it felt like my knee cap was rattling which was putting me a pissed off-don’t talk to me mood. Kevin ensured me that the third day is the worst (we shall see) and that the rattling was the nerves healing (haha!).

I was planning on doing nothing but ab workouts all week, but I can do more!  Obviously am not going to be doing squats or lunges, but I can do a good upper body workout as well.  Okay as lame as it is, this revelation got me all jazzed this morning!

Lets move on to my food yesterday:


Blueberry, almond, spinach smoothy.




Salami sandwich with watermelon.


Pork tacos on paleo tortillas with yams and WAY too much homemade tartar sauce.



I got this recipe off of CarrotsnCakes.  She puts hers in the microwave, but I made mine on the stove.  The best decision I made all night was adding the whip topping and chocolate chips. I regret nothing.  All it is 2 TBS almond butter, handful blueberrys.  Warm up, and it taste like a cobbler!


We lucked out and only got the tail end of the promised storm yesterday.  It was dark and you could hear the thunder in the distance for 2 hours, but by the time it hit us, it was nothing but rain.


Now we have a heat advisory got the next 2 days…. blah!


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Meal Planning Before Breakfast

Meal Planning is such a necessity in our house.  With 3 growing boys – 4 if you count the man of the house.  And I do.  It seems like food disappears faster than I can chop, prep, and store it.  Meal Planning also helps us keep our food budget in check – or what I call our food budget.  It is really nothing more than a number in my head that I attempt to ball park around when I plan a shopping trip.  The past 2 weeks maybe even 3 have not been well planned.  I can tell this by two things.  1. Looking at our banking I see frequent stops to the grocery stores with small purchases.  2. Too many nights of my husband asking what is for dinner and my response being: “I dunno! What do you want?” – which in turn results in a trip to a store for a small purchase.   UH!  Vicious cycle and I need to get us out of it ASAP.

I have been working on a complete June meal plan, but I still need to get through this next week….

Meal Plan for the rest of this week:

Wednesday: Thai chicken stuffed yams – via  ( My husband love this)

Thursday:  Tacos

Friday:  Southwest meatballs with creamy cilantro dipping sauce – via

Saturday:  Bacon japalpeno hamburgers w/ yam fries

Sunday:  Chicken-bacon broccoli salad

Man oh Man, does that take a load off my mind just having a plan of action!  I better get showered and off to the store.  Guess my weeds will have have to wait until this afternoon to die!  Oh what is a few more hours…

This mornings breakfast:


Yam hash with West Virginia Chili and a egg.  I will post the recipe for West Virginia Chili this week because everyone should try it!


When Paleo Doesn’t Pan Out

I spent yesterday slaving in the kitchen cooking lasagna.  It is so time consuming yet delicious! I made one non paleo for the men of the house, and a smaller paleo one for myself- Big enough to have leftovers.
Now, I have been cooking caveman style for a few months now, and I have not ran into anything that has been so bad I have nearly threw up…. Until I bit into my much anticipated lasagna!


The “cottage cheese or ricotta” filling is cashews that has been soaked until soft, pureed to a ricotta consistency w/ almond milk. I see this method used for many dishes that require cheese in paleo cooking.                                                *gag* gag * gag* 
I don’t know if I didn’t do something right but my goodness I could not wash that down! 
My husband had a fantastic time watching me dry heave after each of the 3 bites I took!  Needless to say the whole pan was dog food….
Desert was a hit:


Double ChocolatePaleo Brownies!  Taste! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic memorial day!  Thank you to all service men current & past!  I don’t know about your local cemetery, but ours places flags on all service men & woman’s headstones.  It is really beautiful to see and brings you back to the true meaning we enjoy this holiday weekend.  I didnt get to go home to see my dads headstone (vietnam vet), but I stopped by a local cemetery to pay my respects this afternoon! 

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Wednesday Weigh In & Eats

Good evening!  My morning kicked off at the butt crack of dawn… 4ish, after a horrible night with these adorable but finicky guys


Seriously how cute are they!?!  Loud but cute. 
After getting the oldest off to school, I


out.  30 minutes on the bicycle with some intense imaginary hills!  I started a sit up challenge 2 days ago and today I did 120. Holy Moly!  I should take a before and after of my stomach to see if there is any results…

After my workout I got busy planting a bit of the garden, washed the outside of the windows, and fertilized the berries &


.  Does 4 am agree w/ me or what!?!  No, no it doesn’t.  By my teams 5:30 game, I was pretty much a zombie! 
My weigh in was better than what I expected.


Monday morning I was at 16


!  No joke. I guess my two bad weeks caught up with me.  But I increased my water intake because I felt that was part of the problem

(I’m one of those people that can’t drink just 8 cups a day and last week I was lucky to drink 2), and hit the dirt running!  I can’t let it get me down! 

Todays eats:


Half Paleo English muffin with an egg & half avocado



Was leftover paleo chicken stir-fry w/ salad and coconut kefir ranch



Paleo English muffin w/ almond and honey.  Look @ the honey on there!!  I was feeling pretty shaky and irritable and this really helped. 



Sauerkraut w/ turkey sausage and salad

I just realized that I have a sunburn on my feet, arms, and lips…boo!  Time to find the sunscreen. 
I think I will put this day in the books and hit the hay!  

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Sunday Food Plan & Prep

I busted out some food prep & house cleaning today.  I feel extremely accomplished tonight and ready for this coming week of chaos.. which is the first time in at least a month!  I generally do a monthly food plan and do a crazy 3 day prep, get it all in the freezer, and buy stuff we need as we need it. Well I decided to spare myself the insanity this month and do a weekly prep. 

Food Plan:
Monday: venison roast
Tuesday: chicken & broccoli stir-fry
Wednesday: cube steak w/ cauliflower mash
Thursday: apricot glaze pork chops
Friday: chicken enchiladas
Saturday: sloppy Joes w/ fries
Sunday: BBQ chicken stuffed yams

Random pics from today:


Paleo tortillas for enchiladas


Paleo English muffins


I’m pretty sure that is the coolest beer logo ever! It was creepy awesome.


Three new members of the family- baby geese!  I’m so in love!!



Turkey burger on a paleo English muffin, yam fries, and homemade tartar sauce. 


Paleo lemon pound cake w/ blueberries & coconut whip cream. 

I was not impressed w/ my pound cake.  I need to hit the drawing board and try for a better recipe.  It smelt super lemony, but sadly it wasn’t…

I’m ready for the week are you?

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Wednesday weigh in

Today was uber productive!  I busted out an awesome 45 min run, weeded/tilled part of the garden, rocked soccer practice, did 3 loads of laundry (folded and put away)…. And now with a full belly I’m toast!  
This is all good for me because I am a horrible procrastinator. 


…Or the day after that! Really, no hurry.

My eats:
Breakfast: paleo granola with coconut milk.


Lunch: Fried egg on top of a yam with sprouts.


I was so hungry by this point that I ate a bunch of grapes while my egg cooked.  I hate when I get that hungry…

Snack: banana chip granola bar with my leftover coffee


Dinner:  grain free chicken pot pie, spinach salad with homemade Italian dressing.


This is the pot pie I was worried about freezing (now I question why I bothered freezing it when we ate it so soon). It froze great, defrosted awesome, warmed up fabulous… Crumbled on cutting! That’s grainless crust for ya. It was a bit dry – note to self add more liquid next time!

My workout:
I already said that I went for a 45 minute run, but what I didn’t mention is that I had some company… Kids!  The little men of the house accompanied me.  One twin made it to the end of the driveway, and the other 2 did about a mile. 


If you have acreage you gotta get a Great Pyrenees!  Best dogs ever. Pain in a ass (stubborn), but worth it!  I don’t have to say anything he just stays with them.

Weigh in:
Drum roll….


Hellooo 162-Ville….  

Alrighty, that’s all folks. My bed is screaming to me.  Haha! It’s 8pm – I’m oldish! 

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Today’s randomness…

Man I am BEAT!  Working the last two days, keeping up with the house, and soccer has me sleeping like a lamb chop at night!  Lets get to it.

Today’s eats

Breakfast:  Egg frittata… I’m not a fan!  Go figure.  I at like 3 bites of this.


Lunch:  Tuna on Paleo tortilla.  DELICIOUS!!!


Dinner:  Salad from the pizza place with chicken and homemade honey mustard.  I was so hungry I was telling myself out loud to SLOW DOWN!!  I feared I may choke when my personal pep talks weren’t working!  No pic because my damn phone is once again dying… or because I scarfed it so fast I forgot to take a pic. You decide.

Snack:  Cup-O-Coconut Kefir


Today’s workout:

30 on my ancient elliptical.  Good music was on Pandora THANK GOD…  My legs are sore from my run yesterday.  Speaking of running; I changed up my running routine yesterday.  I ran for 5 minutes walked for 1 for a total of 5 rounds! I wanted to die and I almost talked myself out of the last round, but I sucked it up and I was glad that I did!

I think I have mastered the Paleo Tortilla:

3 eggs

1.5 TBS almond flour

1 TBS coconut flour

1 tsp arrowroot

pinch of salt

Place all ingredients in a bowl or measuring cup with spout.  Using a stick blender, blend until smmmoooth!  Get a pan hot, then turn down to low, lightly oil and pour round delicious tortillas on pan to your desired size.  Let cook for 1 minute flip and cook 20-30 seconds on second side.

Ya Baby!  Simple. Delicious!

I’m off to bed… to do it all again tomorrow!

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April Prep

Yesterday’s food prep started out so promising.  But by afternoon I was fed up… fed up with things I had forgotten to get at the store, the kids constant fighting, everyone wanting me to drop what I was doing and make them food, oh the list could go on!  I finally threw on my running shoes and went for a 50 minute run to clear my head, and when I can back I felt a bit more motivated to finish my prep.

IMAG2131 IMAG2130


How could you not be happier after a jog with there two?  I wore them out good 🙂

Some things I prepped Saturday:IMAG2122IMAG2123IMAG2124

From the top:  Paleo Banana Chip Bar, choco-flax bar, and Lemon Bar.  All are made with a date base.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making bars!!!


Paleo Granola.  In the mix:  almond, pecans, pumpkin seeds, coconut, and honey


Chicken Enchilada Soup.


Today’s Prep has went MUCH better.  It is extremely nice out, so the kids have stayed out from under my feet.  All I have left to assemble is hamburgers and meatballs.  I was a goober and left the venison I needed to grind in the fridge – and you can’t grind defrosted meat so it is chilling in the freezer.

Some of Sundays Prep:


Chicken Pot Pie – I have never frozen a whole pot pie or a grainless one at that, so I hope the crust holds together!


Jalapeno Pest0… I wanted to eat it straight out of the food processor!   ❤ it!!!


Man it is nice having this all (or close too) done!  I feel like I will be able to survive he next crazy month!!

The man of the house is working on his shop and then we are going to take the little men of the house fishing.   Since I am as done as I am going to get AND the house is clean… I think I am going to go for a run!!



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April Menu Planning & Today’s Eats

The past 2 days I have been non-stop planning… Even in my sleep.  I hate when I do that.  Yesterday morning started out with full birthday party planning.  The twins’ 5th birthday is in 2 weeks and I haven’t even thought too much about a party, so I got the bug yesterday morning and put a full game plan together (theme, decor, menu, cupcakes, and game) in 2 hrs!  Pretty dang good if I say so.

Then it was on to April meal planning.  This one took most of the day. Blah!  This next month and a half is going to be pure survival.  With soccer taking up pretty much every evening, garden work, and a few days of work a week I wanted most of my menu to be quick.  Yesterday I got my recipes together, shopping list, and planned my prep. This morning I took stock of the kitchen and got my coupons loaded on my Safeway card.  Then with one little man in tow (don’t know how I swung that), we were off to do some major bank account depletion…


This wasn’t even all of it!  There were 5 bags on the floor.  Why do you always run out of everything at once?  I was out of 6 spices this morning. Unheard of. Grocery bill: $225.

Today’s eats:

Breakfast: cherries with kefir and a fried egg.


Lunch: Larabar & kevita (grabbed both   while shopping)


The kevita was better than I expected it to be.  I’m not a big fan of coconut water.  It seems like it is going to be full flavor and bam.. nothing!  But the kevita was pretty good.

Dinner:  BBQ pulled venison on paleo tortillas topped with homemade guacamole


Freaking delicious!  …I’m a little obsessed with my kefir ranch lately as well. 

I got a bit of prepping done when I got home today.  Fruit and veggies cleaned and bagged, broccoli blanched and put in the freezer, and chicken sperated (i buy it in bulk).  Tomorrow is the start of my 2 day cook off.  By Sunday evening a month of meals will be tucked happily in my freezer!!  Bring on Sunday.

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We seem to have a touch of a stomach bug hitting our house.  Thank god it isn’t one that last long, but really nothing I wanted to have this week.  Yesterday not only came with the flu, but news that my grandpa in WV had passed away… we knew it was coming, and he is no longer in pain, and for that I am grateful!

Yesterday Eats:

Breakfast:  Paleo Oatmeal turned pancake with almond butter


I threw it in the pan to make some Paleo oatmeal and it turned into a pancake… a delicious mistake!

Lunch : Leftover elk steak and pesto on spaghetti squash with baby carrots


I ❤ jalapeno pesto!

Dinner : Pecan Stuffed Chicken, sweet potato cake, and salad made with coconut kefir ranch


Snack: cherry – chocolate smoothy



I also made some cherry-chocolate paleo bars for my little rockstars for lunch this week.. guess I was in a mood for a cherry- chocolate combo yesterday!  I also made grain free Chocolate Banana Muffins… but sadly the men in the house devoured them straight out of the oven.  Growing men they are.  IMAG2083


Yesterday Workout:

My plan was to do some strengthening at home so when Blaze woke up sick, it set that in stone.  Once he finally fell asleep I got busy!


IMAG2077I Decided to do a WOD that I haven’t done since last fall:

12 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

10 – lunges with 25# plate (obviously I only used 10 – what a pussy I am!)

15 – air squats

20 – speed skaters

10 – tuck jumps

In 12 minutes I did 4.5 rounds, and holy crap and I feeling it in my legs today!!!!  Of course I couldn’t find what my records from last fall to see how many rounds I could do, but I have an inkling that they haven’t improved 🙂  I’m going to add a weekly WOD to my workout from now on.