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What I ate on Monday

Good Morning!  Did you sleep well?  I did, and that is the first in 3 nights.  The man of the house is off to work for the rest of the week, so the kiddos and I are flying solo.  I am pretty jazzed this morning – not because my husband is gone, but in general.  The past few days have felt hopeless:  running is over, hike season is canned, etc, etc.  But this morning I see the light!!!!  I am going to stop the pity party, and work through this.  I know I said this all yesterday… but the pain was horrible yesterday, and all day long it felt like my knee cap was rattling which was putting me a pissed off-don’t talk to me mood. Kevin ensured me that the third day is the worst (we shall see) and that the rattling was the nerves healing (haha!).

I was planning on doing nothing but ab workouts all week, but I can do more!  Obviously am not going to be doing squats or lunges, but I can do a good upper body workout as well.  Okay as lame as it is, this revelation got me all jazzed this morning!

Lets move on to my food yesterday:


Blueberry, almond, spinach smoothy.




Salami sandwich with watermelon.


Pork tacos on paleo tortillas with yams and WAY too much homemade tartar sauce.



I got this recipe off of CarrotsnCakes.  She puts hers in the microwave, but I made mine on the stove.  The best decision I made all night was adding the whip topping and chocolate chips. I regret nothing.  All it is 2 TBS almond butter, handful blueberrys.  Warm up, and it taste like a cobbler!


We lucked out and only got the tail end of the promised storm yesterday.  It was dark and you could hear the thunder in the distance for 2 hours, but by the time it hit us, it was nothing but rain.


Now we have a heat advisory got the next 2 days…. blah!


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Meal Planning Before Breakfast

Meal Planning is such a necessity in our house.  With 3 growing boys – 4 if you count the man of the house.  And I do.  It seems like food disappears faster than I can chop, prep, and store it.  Meal Planning also helps us keep our food budget in check – or what I call our food budget.  It is really nothing more than a number in my head that I attempt to ball park around when I plan a shopping trip.  The past 2 weeks maybe even 3 have not been well planned.  I can tell this by two things.  1. Looking at our banking I see frequent stops to the grocery stores with small purchases.  2. Too many nights of my husband asking what is for dinner and my response being: “I dunno! What do you want?” – which in turn results in a trip to a store for a small purchase.   UH!  Vicious cycle and I need to get us out of it ASAP.

I have been working on a complete June meal plan, but I still need to get through this next week….

Meal Plan for the rest of this week:

Wednesday: Thai chicken stuffed yams – via  ( My husband love this)

Thursday:  Tacos

Friday:  Southwest meatballs with creamy cilantro dipping sauce – via

Saturday:  Bacon japalpeno hamburgers w/ yam fries

Sunday:  Chicken-bacon broccoli salad

Man oh Man, does that take a load off my mind just having a plan of action!  I better get showered and off to the store.  Guess my weeds will have have to wait until this afternoon to die!  Oh what is a few more hours…

This mornings breakfast:


Yam hash with West Virginia Chili and a egg.  I will post the recipe for West Virginia Chili this week because everyone should try it!


When Paleo Doesn’t Pan Out

I spent yesterday slaving in the kitchen cooking lasagna.  It is so time consuming yet delicious! I made one non paleo for the men of the house, and a smaller paleo one for myself- Big enough to have leftovers.
Now, I have been cooking caveman style for a few months now, and I have not ran into anything that has been so bad I have nearly threw up…. Until I bit into my much anticipated lasagna!


The “cottage cheese or ricotta” filling is cashews that has been soaked until soft, pureed to a ricotta consistency w/ almond milk. I see this method used for many dishes that require cheese in paleo cooking.                                                *gag* gag * gag* 
I don’t know if I didn’t do something right but my goodness I could not wash that down! 
My husband had a fantastic time watching me dry heave after each of the 3 bites I took!  Needless to say the whole pan was dog food….
Desert was a hit:


Double ChocolatePaleo Brownies!  Taste! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic memorial day!  Thank you to all service men current & past!  I don’t know about your local cemetery, but ours places flags on all service men & woman’s headstones.  It is really beautiful to see and brings you back to the true meaning we enjoy this holiday weekend.  I didnt get to go home to see my dads headstone (vietnam vet), but I stopped by a local cemetery to pay my respects this afternoon! 

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Wednesday Weigh In & Eats

Good evening!  My morning kicked off at the butt crack of dawn… 4ish, after a horrible night with these adorable but finicky guys


Seriously how cute are they!?!  Loud but cute. 
After getting the oldest off to school, I


out.  30 minutes on the bicycle with some intense imaginary hills!  I started a sit up challenge 2 days ago and today I did 120. Holy Moly!  I should take a before and after of my stomach to see if there is any results…

After my workout I got busy planting a bit of the garden, washed the outside of the windows, and fertilized the berries &


.  Does 4 am agree w/ me or what!?!  No, no it doesn’t.  By my teams 5:30 game, I was pretty much a zombie! 
My weigh in was better than what I expected.


Monday morning I was at 16


!  No joke. I guess my two bad weeks caught up with me.  But I increased my water intake because I felt that was part of the problem

(I’m one of those people that can’t drink just 8 cups a day and last week I was lucky to drink 2), and hit the dirt running!  I can’t let it get me down! 

Todays eats:


Half Paleo English muffin with an egg & half avocado



Was leftover paleo chicken stir-fry w/ salad and coconut kefir ranch



Paleo English muffin w/ almond and honey.  Look @ the honey on there!!  I was feeling pretty shaky and irritable and this really helped. 



Sauerkraut w/ turkey sausage and salad

I just realized that I have a sunburn on my feet, arms, and lips…boo!  Time to find the sunscreen. 
I think I will put this day in the books and hit the hay!  

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Sunday Food Plan & Prep

I busted out some food prep & house cleaning today.  I feel extremely accomplished tonight and ready for this coming week of chaos.. which is the first time in at least a month!  I generally do a monthly food plan and do a crazy 3 day prep, get it all in the freezer, and buy stuff we need as we need it. Well I decided to spare myself the insanity this month and do a weekly prep. 

Food Plan:
Monday: venison roast
Tuesday: chicken & broccoli stir-fry
Wednesday: cube steak w/ cauliflower mash
Thursday: apricot glaze pork chops
Friday: chicken enchiladas
Saturday: sloppy Joes w/ fries
Sunday: BBQ chicken stuffed yams

Random pics from today:


Paleo tortillas for enchiladas


Paleo English muffins


I’m pretty sure that is the coolest beer logo ever! It was creepy awesome.


Three new members of the family- baby geese!  I’m so in love!!



Turkey burger on a paleo English muffin, yam fries, and homemade tartar sauce. 


Paleo lemon pound cake w/ blueberries & coconut whip cream. 

I was not impressed w/ my pound cake.  I need to hit the drawing board and try for a better recipe.  It smelt super lemony, but sadly it wasn’t…

I’m ready for the week are you?

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Wednesday weigh in

Today was uber productive!  I busted out an awesome 45 min run, weeded/tilled part of the garden, rocked soccer practice, did 3 loads of laundry (folded and put away)…. And now with a full belly I’m toast!  
This is all good for me because I am a horrible procrastinator. 


…Or the day after that! Really, no hurry.

My eats:
Breakfast: paleo granola with coconut milk.


Lunch: Fried egg on top of a yam with sprouts.


I was so hungry by this point that I ate a bunch of grapes while my egg cooked.  I hate when I get that hungry…

Snack: banana chip granola bar with my leftover coffee


Dinner:  grain free chicken pot pie, spinach salad with homemade Italian dressing.


This is the pot pie I was worried about freezing (now I question why I bothered freezing it when we ate it so soon). It froze great, defrosted awesome, warmed up fabulous… Crumbled on cutting! That’s grainless crust for ya. It was a bit dry – note to self add more liquid next time!

My workout:
I already said that I went for a 45 minute run, but what I didn’t mention is that I had some company… Kids!  The little men of the house accompanied me.  One twin made it to the end of the driveway, and the other 2 did about a mile. 


If you have acreage you gotta get a Great Pyrenees!  Best dogs ever. Pain in a ass (stubborn), but worth it!  I don’t have to say anything he just stays with them.

Weigh in:
Drum roll….


Hellooo 162-Ville….  

Alrighty, that’s all folks. My bed is screaming to me.  Haha! It’s 8pm – I’m oldish! 

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Today’s randomness…

Man I am BEAT!  Working the last two days, keeping up with the house, and soccer has me sleeping like a lamb chop at night!  Lets get to it.

Today’s eats

Breakfast:  Egg frittata… I’m not a fan!  Go figure.  I at like 3 bites of this.


Lunch:  Tuna on Paleo tortilla.  DELICIOUS!!!


Dinner:  Salad from the pizza place with chicken and homemade honey mustard.  I was so hungry I was telling myself out loud to SLOW DOWN!!  I feared I may choke when my personal pep talks weren’t working!  No pic because my damn phone is once again dying… or because I scarfed it so fast I forgot to take a pic. You decide.

Snack:  Cup-O-Coconut Kefir


Today’s workout:

30 on my ancient elliptical.  Good music was on Pandora THANK GOD…  My legs are sore from my run yesterday.  Speaking of running; I changed up my running routine yesterday.  I ran for 5 minutes walked for 1 for a total of 5 rounds! I wanted to die and I almost talked myself out of the last round, but I sucked it up and I was glad that I did!

I think I have mastered the Paleo Tortilla:

3 eggs

1.5 TBS almond flour

1 TBS coconut flour

1 tsp arrowroot

pinch of salt

Place all ingredients in a bowl or measuring cup with spout.  Using a stick blender, blend until smmmoooth!  Get a pan hot, then turn down to low, lightly oil and pour round delicious tortillas on pan to your desired size.  Let cook for 1 minute flip and cook 20-30 seconds on second side.

Ya Baby!  Simple. Delicious!

I’m off to bed… to do it all again tomorrow!