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Back on track

Over father’s day weekend, my workouts crashed and burned and Monday was full of laziness after my husband took off to Montana for work.  My intent was to hike this weekend, but we ended up driving around in the woods, stopping to let the kids (furry ones too) get out and play and fish. 
I was extremely proud of how well I ate during our woodland misadventures!  I’m still kicking myself for devouring a mosse tracks waffle cone ice cream –  it tasted aweful and I should have tossed it, but it was from a small town and it cost half a fourtune.  I hate wasted food.  I guess I’m more upset for paying that much and it taste like crap than actually eating it 🙂
Tuesday morning I woke up at 5 am bound and determined to get back in workout mode.  I sped walked 1.9 miles and came back and did 3 sets of squats, 2 sets of lunged, 3 sets of side bends, and an assortment of an workouts.  I felt so good afterwards! 


Breakfast was 1/2 c Greek yogurt with granola, rasins, and a tsp of PB with a small scoop of coconut flakes, and black coffee.  I sat at the table with the kids and read them Shel Silberstein poems.  It was such fun I full intend to do it again this morning! 
Mid morning I decided I needed to torture myself – I couldn’t put it off any longer.  I had to go to Wal-Mart with 3 kids… Hell on earth.  But I hadn’t been in over a month so my list was getting pretty big.  The kids did really well and I promised if they were good I would buy them a starwberry lemonaide from Starbucks. 


At checkout from Wal-Mart I got overheated and hunger hit quick.  A skinny coconut latte and a cliff bar helped 🙂
It didn’t hold me over too long and so I took a break from cleaning and made a salad.


I topped it with leftover homemade pesto noodles and a small around of oil and basamic vinegar…. Of course the boys ate most of it! 


Later I whipped up a buterfinger shake as I know call them.  1/4 C Greek yogurt, 2 tbs PB2, and coconut milk.  Coconut milk is the way to go!  I drank the damn thing faster than it took me to make it :/

Dinner was odd.  I couldn’t decided what I wanted, so I tossed everything that sounded good together.  It hit the spot!


Hard boiled egg, wild rice, corn, and a BBQ’D yam.  I just can’t get enough of yams lately!! 

It was a good day to get back on track!