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Let me fill in the blanks…

Summer is slowly (not slowly enough) coming to an end.  In just a few short weeks all my boys will be in school.  Insert very sad face here. With tear or two.  But it has been an eventful summer non the less.  But I haven’t been posting lately, so let me fill in some of that eventfullness for you!


I live in Okanogan County and if you haven’t heard we have had a pretty bad fire season this year.  A fire started last month and with the winds it blew out of control and took out the towns of Pateros & Brewster (which are about 6 miles apart).  These towns are about an hour away from us.  It was a horrible night, evacuation notices for a majority of the people didn’t come fast enough and 300+ homes were destroyed.  My husbands uncle lives in Brewster and he refused to evacuate, luckily he was on the right side of the road.  I was up texting him until 1 in the morning as he was informing me of what houses were on fire/what was going on.  Very sad and my heart breaks for those that lost so much.  If you want to see more on this fire google Carlton Complex fire.  Here are a few pics.


Very close to the road











Four days after that devastation, we ourselves were evacuated after a wildfire started above our house.  We were asked to leave because if the winds were to shift, it would have been at our house within 5 minutes.   immediately, my mother in law came up and took the boys (if you EVER have to evacuate and you have children, make this priority number uno), my amazing sister high-tailed it from work to our house to help us load stuff and I followed with more stuff and animals to her house.  Kevin stayed at the house to defend it if needed.   God Bless the fires crews!  They hit it fast and hard via ground and aerial crews.  It ended up beeing a little over 1000 acres of damage and one house lost.

our fire

from our driveway

My Knee:

I left off with a bummed knee, which I was all down in the dumps about… and continued to be until recently.  A few weeks back I jumped up and went for a run, I made it one mile and I nearly called my husband to come get me it hurt so bad; so I continued to do nothing and baby it.  I went to see my chiropractor and he is a big time marathon runner so I was telling him about my knee.  He tested it and said it felt good and tight and told me to get out and run on it.  As I left I got to thinking that I really have done NOTHING on it so I better start doing something.  I started walking (when it wasn’t choke you smokey), and gradually started running on it.  It is feeling much better now!  I was signed up for a 5k color run last weekend but opted out as just this week I have comfortably ran 2 miles.


This morning the twins and I did 2.5 miles.  run


I have been CRAVING squash pancakes so I was excited to finally have a summer squash in the garden!  I tossed in some paprika and man or man did that make it all smokey and delicious tasting!!  Yes, that is qt mason jar filled to the brim with a homemade ice coffee… that is how I roll on days that end in ‘Y’!


I put ketchup on my ketchup

Another fire that started this morning across the way.  PS our wildfire season just recently started :/

Have a Happy Thursday!!!


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Oh I was so scared….


Found this is the bottom of my purse while shuffling crap from one ugly purse to the next.  I need a new purse.  I have purse envy of others.  I’am actually surprised it survived a week and a half in the bottom of my purse without being devoured early on… especially with chocolate in the title.  I tried a bite and the little men of the house divided and concurred the rest.  


Yesterday Eats:

Breakfast:  Spaghetti squash egg scramble and cherries


Lunch:  Spaghetti squash spaghetti, romaine lettuce, and cauliflower with coconut kefir ranch


Dinner:  Venison taco cups with Spanish “rice” <—- Cauliflower rice


I kind of threw the spanish cauliflower rice together.  I was worried it might get too moist with the tomatoes, but throwing it under Broil for 12 minutes really helped evaporate a lot of the moisture, leaving a nice fluffy rice.  Sometimes I surprise myself!  

Snack: Cherry-coco bar w/ a much needed cup of joe



Yesterdays Workout:

Okay, so yesterday was suppose to be my rest day, but I had to go to a soccer coach meeting at the school (eek! I’m coaching soccer! eek! I’m coaching my own kids!)  On my way there I decided if it wasn’t too late I would hit the track and do a quick mile run (not informing the man of the house of my plans).  We got done a little after 7 and it was daylight enough so I decided to go ahead with my plan.  Then of course on my way to the track my phone died so I threw it on the charger and jumped out for my quick run.   Now as I was running my mind began wondering and the sun began fading… it then dawned on my that if anyone attacked me, I broke my ankle, had a heart attack… I DIDN’T HAVE A PHONE!



I kept running and finished my mile (looking behind me because I was more worried about an attacker than a broken ankle), had a minor panic attack when I got back to my truck and thought I locked the keys inside (along with my phone) and breathed a sign of relief when I was safely inside with the doors locked… it was an exhausting mile to say the least. Maybe I shouldn’t randomly decided to do workouts on my rest days…