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The time I lost something in a public toilet

Yesterday morning was my first real 5k!  I went down and stayed at my moms Friday night so I didn’t have to get up and drive 2 and a half hours Saturday morning.  I didn’t have high expectation for the race as I was pmsing (tmi) and I am horribly anemic so I am pretty much out of breath just walking during this time of the month.  But.. I did it!  AND I was the 7th person to finish (it was a small race and probably more walkers than joggers) and with stopping to draw playing cards I finished in 38 minutes!  I didn’t win the poker hand, but that was to be expected!


My awesome and might I add super comfortable shirt! 

After the race I met my mom for lunch at Applebee’s….And that is were I lost my Sparkpeople activity tracker down the toilet ūüė¶ 


I loved my tracker.  It linked to my account and tracked my daily steps and any cardio.  I generally wear it on my shoe, but after the race I tossed on my sandles and hooked the tracker to my hip… Big mistake!!  I don’t even have to go through the senerio, we both know how it panned out.

The tracker is awesome and is a huge contribution to all my weightloss since January, but it has one flaw.  It isn’t wireless.  I was recently asked to do a questionnaire on Sparkpeople about the tracker and I pointed it out many times hoping other users did too.  Now I debate whether to purchase a new one or wait and see if a new wireless tracker comes out soon (I have a hunch that it will) but I am still bummed that it is gone! 
I have never loss anything in a toilet before! 

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Motivational Monday & Weekly Meal Plan

Motivational Quote - Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.


Weekly Meal Plan:

Monday: Taco Salad

Tuesday:  Chicken Enchilada Soup

Wednesday:  Hamburgers with Yam fries

Thursday:  Venison Roast with Veggies & Salad

Friday:  Pizza Night!

Saturday:  Philly Cheese Steak

Sunday:  Chicken in Spicy Mango Sauce with Yams & Salad

I love planing a monthly meal plan and then picking and choosing what to make each week as it seems fit.  Tuesday is going to be a busy busy day, so pulling the already made soup from the freezer is going to be perfect!

Less Stress = Happy MOM!




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Back to Friday…..



I don’t know why my niece¬†insisted I change before she would go¬†shopping with me? ¬†What a rockin’ outfit! ¬†Dress + workout clothes = Awesome! ( When I went to download that picture onto my computer I realized she had took this via snap-chat…. She’s dead!)

The past few days has been a WHIRL WIND! ¬†I need to go back to Friday…


Friday was the last day of my 100 day weight loss challenge on ¬†The last week I did a count down on my “palm pad” of how many days left – just as a daily reminder/motivator. ¬†I am fantastic at making goals, but I don’t always make it to the finish line, so I was really proud of myself for sticking with this challenge for 100 days and LOVING IT! ¬†It was actually 101 for me because I missed a day due to a migraine. ¬†So, what was the 100 day weight loss challenge?

spangleOur Spark Group followed Linda Spangle’s book 100 Day’s of Weight Loss. ¬†The book has simple daily motivators that you do each day for 100 days. ¬†It is broken down into 10 day blocks so it is not so overwhelming; ¬†touching basis on eating habits, emotional habits, fighting triggers and negative thought patterns, all helping lead to a long term successful diet plan. ¬†What I really liked about this book is that anyone can use it. ¬†Weather you are going to a gym, carb counting, weight watcher, or doing NutriSystem you can follow this book! ¬†Also, it doesn’t take much time. ¬†It had become a welcomed part of my daily morning routine: get up, get coffee, sit down with my book and my “magic journal”. ¬†And of course you can keep doing the 100 days over and over again, as I am! ¬† My goal was to loose 18lbs during the challenge and I lost 20.6 so I am pretty happy about that!!!

Also Friday was the Twin’s 5th Birthday! ¬†How stinking cute are they!?!?!FSCN0514

How fast time goes by. ¬†Although I love the chapter of life we are in, at moments I miss the chaos, sleeplessness, and life with 2 babies and a young toddle. ¬†Those mere moments pass quickly when I am now busy separating fights and pleading with them to do their chores…. ¬†awe life!

My weekend was crazy busy getting ready for their party on Sunday.  I was able to squeeze in a run before the party, but my eating habits were all over the place.  This week is back on track!